Rapid List Building Made Easy

The Story: It's a lot easier to build a list than you might think. The Point: The techniques of list-building are really quite simple; three techniques you can use today.

Three Ways To Turbo-Charge Your Product Launch

The Story: Product launches are still an effective way to create a profit windfall. The Point: While it's true that the “standard” product launch won't produce the way it did a year ago, the strategy of using product launches is as strong as ever.

Three Ways To Improve Opt-in Page Conversion

The Story: Thanks to spam, fear, and paranoia, it's now harder than ever to get an opt-in. The Point: There are proven methods for increasing your opt-in conversions; all it takes is a small amount of work.

Three Ways To Obliterate Writer’s Block

The Story: There's no such thing as writer's block; there's only a state called “not writing”. The Point: Use these tested methods to dissolve writer's block instantly.

Avoid The Three Biggest Mistakes Made By Copywriters

The Story: Most copywriters make these three mistakes that hurt the effectiveness of their copy — resulting in fewer optins and fewer sales. The Point: You can instantly increase your optins and sales by correcting these specific mistakes.


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