Is a 10% Sales Conversion Rate Good?

In the Internet Marketing world, a 10% conversion rate is often considered outstanding.

Guarantees Increase Sales

The Question: Do I really need a guarantee on my website?

How To Take Online Payments

The Question: How do I take online payments?

Get Started Testing Your Copy

The Question: How do I test my copy?

When Your Marketing Doesn’t Work…

The Question: What do I do if I have all the pieces in place, but I'm not making sales with my website?

Write Better Headlines With This Technique

The Question: What's a good shorctut for writing good headlines?

Q&A With Ray… Ask Me Your Questions

This begins a series where you ask your top questions about copywriting and online marketing… and I answer via audio podcasts.

Deciding What To Sell Online (Podcast)

The Story: One of the first steps in creating online businesses is deciding what to sell.

Will ClickFunnels Cure Parkinson’s?

That is an intentionally provocative title, but I assure you it's not clickbait. Give me a...

5 Ways To Get More Clients Now

The Story: It's a shame that so many copywriters struggle to get business, when it's so easy to do. (Not to mention the fact that it's not a great advertisement for your skill level. Would you go to a fat doctor for weight loss advice? Get your hair styled by a bald barber? Take financial advice from a broke person?)

Copywriting Bullets That Hit The Target

The Story: Almost without fail, copy that doesn't get good results suffers from a lack of powerful, persuasive, and pithy bullet points.

Long Copy Sucks

The Story: There's a raging debate about whether long copy still works on the web, but the answer is surprisingly no different than it was 100 years ago.

Dissolve Skepticism Like Magic

The Story: Let's assume you're writing your own copy (maybe you can't afford to hire a professional, or you just love writing copy for your own products).

Wimpy Copywriter = Hungry Kids

The Story: It's one of the most common mistakes in all forms of selling – not asking for the sale. Hard to believe? Maybe. But it's true anyway; people just don't want to ask for the order.

Watch Your Mouth, Copywriter!

The Story: Have you ever read a website and it just seemed to “stiff” or “formal” to you? Or you felt like they were talking over your head, using a lot of buzzwords and lingo you didn't understand?

First Get Their Attention

The Story: If your copy can't cut through the clutter, you never be able to make the sale.


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