Internet Business

How to Upgrade Your Clients

A student recently asked, "Ray, how do I upgrade my clients?" In this week's episode, I'll give you my potentially unpopular answer.

How Much Is Too Much?

When your brand is your business, how much of your personal life should you share? The answer depends on what type of clients you are looking for.

These 7 Questions Built A Million Dollar Empire

I've got 7 questions that every entrepreneur, every content creator, every personal brand, every business that does business on the internet, must be able to answer if you want to succeed.

How to Attract Business in 2023 - And Beyond!

Imagine if you never had to make cold calls, "pound the pavement", or otherwise look for new business leads. It's much better to have new business come looking for you - to attract business. That's the subject of this week's episode, "How to Attract business in 2023...and Beyond."

Noisy Quitting - Monetize Yourself!

Now is not the time to hide in a bunker...waiting for the impending economic doom we hear about every day. What you should be doing is turning your knowledge and skills into a business built around your own personal brand. That's what we're talking about in this weeks episode.

The Creator Economy

You are a writer…Even if you don't think you are. I'll teach ways to improve your persuasive writing by organizing bits of knowledge into blocks of information you can use to create original, compelling content.

Is This the Time for You to Launch

“Should I start my business now, or wait until things are a little better?” Here's the short answer – Do it now! In this week's episode, I'll back that answer up with 5 great reasons to get started A.S.A.P. – Whether you're talking about launching a business, publishing a book, starting a podcast…whatever it is, NOW is the time.

How To Create Products Out Of Thin Air (With a 99% Profit Margin)

This week I want to talk about writing, as a business. Not just copywriting, but writing in general. From fiction to how-to e-books, to blogging (yes, blogging is NOT dead- proof below), etc.

3 Steps to Making Money as a Freelance Copywriter

This week we're showcasing one of our highest reviewed episodes in the history of the show…And for good reason – It breaks down the process of starting a successful copywriting business into 3 simple steps.

Build a Big List and a Big Business, Fast!

On this week’s episode we cover how to build a big list, and big business – fast!

Why I Won’t Promote Your Product

Coming up this week…

How To Cut Your Ad Budget & Increase Sales

Cutting your ad budget while increasing sales sounds totally counterintuitive, right? Au contraire, my intrepid listener. In this episode we’ll not only show you how to do exactly that, but also why you should start doing it right now.

How To Make Your Annual Income In A Single Month

Think about your income…how much do you make every month? Now think about your annual income. What if you could earn your ANNUAL income… next month?

3 Ways To Double Your Income Before Christmas

In this episode we show you how anyone can double their income by Christmas by following this time-tested formula.

To Be an Entrepreneur

What does is mean to be an Entrepreneur? I believe it means you are driven to the edges of what's possible. That you see the biggest problems, and think, “I can fix that.” And then you do. I believe that you, Intrepid Entrepreneur, are the solution to the world's problems. You create, not destroy. You believe, not doubt. You are a force for good. Thanks for being an Entrepreneur.

5 Ways to Avoid Distractions [VIDEO]

We live in a world of distraction – and that keeps us from our Higher Purpose.


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