Hemingway On Copywriting

The Story: Follow Ernest Hemingway's Four Simple Rules to improve your copywriting (or any writing, for that matter).

Myspace Or Yours? Marketing 101

The Story: One of copywriting's oldest maxims points out one of marketer's biggest failures.

Britney Spears Teaches Marketing

The Story: Britney Spears knows how to get your attention.

Selling Tips From Tony Robbins

The Story: You can learn a lot about selling by watching what Tony Robbins does at his seminars.

To Sell More, Use Proof

The Story: The biggest mistake most online marketers make is not offering enough proof in their marketing.

Apple Grows Using Repurposing

The Story: The most underused tactic for increasing sales and profits is repurposing; Apple is the best example of how to do this.

Scarcity: Double-Edged Marketing Sword

The Story: Conveying sense of scarcity about your product can boost sales… or hurt them.

iPhone Marketing Lessons

The Story: Apple took what most considered a commodity – cellphones – and created a new category. How did they do that?

Tell Stories – Increase Sales

The Story: Telling stories that captivate and engage the reader increases your overall sales. Stories are attention magnets.

No Such Thing As Time Management

The Story: Everyone seems obsessed with “time management”, but there is no such thing. You can't “manage” time.

No Such Thing As Time Management

The Story: Everyone seems obsessed with “time management”, but there is no such thing. You can't “manage” time.

100-Year-Old Internet Marketing Tool

The Story: Your most effective marketing tool could be a 100-year-old technology.

Hype-Free Copywriting Made Simple

The Story: Most online copy is filled with hype that turns readers off. The Point: Writing copy that sells without using hype is easy to do.

2 Ways To Take Payments Without A Merchant Account

The Story: For some people, the hardest thing about starting their online business is getting a merchant account. The Point: There are at least 2 good ways anyone can take payments (via credit cards) without having a Merchant Account… and one way that makes getting a Merchant Account easy for 99% of people.

3 Ways Audio Boosts Conversions

The Story: Audio has proven itself to be a “ninja weapon” for boosting conversions when used properly in your marketing. The Point: Spend an hour adding audio to key parts of your website and watch conversions soar.

Endless Testimonials On Autopilot

The Story: Most marketers struggle to get a large number of good testimonials they can use on their website. The Point: A few simple steps can start an endless flow of testimonials you couldn't shut off if you tried.


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