Ray and Sean Spill the Beans

It was such a pleasure to welcome my son, Sean, back to the show. When the pandemic hit, it quickly became apparent that Sean would need to devote more time to our bricks and mortar coffee shop that we purchased together in 2017. In this week’s episode, I want Sean to explain what it was

The Stephen King Guide to Writing as a Business

Stephen King. He is the Charles Dickens of this century. People either love him or hate him. My churchgoing friends are often shocked to learn that I read his work, and admire it.

Another 5 Mistakes That Kill Your Sales

Please don’t be offended, but you are probably making one or all of the mistakes you’re about to read about. It’s not your fault.

5 Deadly Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Your Sales

Chances are that you are making many – if not all – of these 5 copywriting mistakes. I call them “deadly” because they’re killing your sales and your profits.

Contest Winners & New $1,497 Prize

Yesterday evening was the end of the comment contest. If you didn't know about it, that's because you're not subscribed to my email notification list (subscribe on the right side of the page where it says “Updates By Email”).

Link Love From Ray Edwards

I don't have time to write a nice big post today, so I'm taking the lame way out. Here are some sites I think are worth spending time with:

Stu McLaren’s Pre-Wedding Video

My friend Stu McLaren is getting married today. He made this kooky video to explain his “fat lip” dilemna… and to explain why he's having this sale.

5 Ways To Get More Clients Now

The Story: It's a shame that so many copywriters struggle to get business, when it's so easy to do. (Not to mention the fact that it's not a great advertisement for your skill level. Would you go to a fat doctor for weight loss advice? Get your hair styled by a bald barber? Take financial advice from a broke person?)

Copywriting Bullets That Hit The Target

The Story: Almost without fail, copy that doesn't get good results suffers from a lack of powerful, persuasive, and pithy bullet points.

Long Copy Sucks

The Story: There's a raging debate about whether long copy still works on the web, but the answer is surprisingly no different than it was 100 years ago.

Dissolve Skepticism Like Magic

The Story: Let's assume you're writing your own copy (maybe you can't afford to hire a professional, or you just love writing copy for your own products).

Wimpy Copywriter = Hungry Kids

The Story: It's one of the most common mistakes in all forms of selling – not asking for the sale. Hard to believe? Maybe. But it's true anyway; people just don't want to ask for the order.

Watch Your Mouth, Copywriter!

The Story: Have you ever read a website and it just seemed to “stiff” or “formal” to you? Or you felt like they were talking over your head, using a lot of buzzwords and lingo you didn't understand?

First Get Their Attention

The Story: If your copy can't cut through the clutter, you never be able to make the sale.

Hemingway On Copywriting

The Story: Follow Ernest Hemingway's Four Simple Rules to improve your copywriting (or any writing, for that matter).

Myspace Or Yours? Marketing 101

The Story: One of copywriting's oldest maxims points out one of marketer's biggest failures.


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