Time to “Man Up”

Today’s “Daily Ray” is about how to be a man – a real man – who lives on earth.

The Lowest Expectations

Your potential really has very little to do what you achieve. More important is how you perceive your potential.

Ancient Business Wisdom

One of the wisest and richest men of all times opens up the treasures of his wisdom for us in Ecclesiastes. For the past few days I’ve been admiring three of these gems from chapter 11.

The Single Most Important Subject You Could Study

There is one subject more important than any other earthly subject. It involves everyone. And it dictates the lives of billions. But most people overlook it as an academic exercise reserved for the scholastic elite.

Dangerous Promises and How to Break Them

When I was was growing up, I was taught that a person’s word is their bond, and that “a promise made is a debt unpaid”. These are true and noble thoughts. And sometimes they are dead wrong.

More Led, Less Driven

Today's post is a Guest Post written by Kevin Monroe. Kevin is a writer, speaker, and coach whose passion is connecting high achievers like you to your higher purpose in life. He is a member of my Regency Mastermind Alliance. I know you'll find his Guest Post helpful and wise.

7 Reasons You Should Build a Wisdom Enterprise

Consider the internet. It is powerful and limitless in its reach. You can now distribute your wisdom, knowledge and experience across the world. When you charge for your wisdom in this fashion, I call this a “wisdom enterprise.”

7 Reasons to Be More Expensive

Most often, the first piece of advice I give a new client is: “You need to charge a lot more money than you currently do.” Most receive this with skepticism and resistance.

Three Mastermind Groups You Should Join Now

Many have written about the power of belonging to a mastermind group. Few have written about what kind of mastermind group you should join. No one seems to be writing about joining three different mastermind groups.

Why I Flew 1,624 Miles and Paid $1,706.70 For Breakfast

Last week I flew 1,624 Miles and paid $1,706.70 to have breakfast with Mike Kim and Brian Dixon. The breakfast included a small band of remarkable companions. Why would I do such a thing? Sometimes we have the opportunity to make wise investments in other people.

Master the Art of Value

This article is written by Kirk Bowman, an acknowledged expert in the field of value-based selling. Kirk is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and podcaster. He is also a member of my Regency Mastermind Group.

The Power of Positive Peer Pressure

When I was still in my twenties, I went to Parris Island, South Carolina, to see my brother Mark graduate with his classmates (I am pretty sure they would all be horrified to know I just called them that) from Marine Corps boot camp.

My Essential Podcast List

Ever since I read the book Essentialism, I have been engaged in “the disciplined pursuit of less”. As the book’s author, Greg McKeown, explains in this interview with Michael Hyatt and Michele Cushatt, the main point of the book is not simply saying “no” to things. It is, rather, saying “yes” to only the right things. Take podcasts, for instance…

5 Failings That Kill Your Business

Most failed businesses don't die – they commit suicide. I am watching an aquaintace of mine (let's call him Stewart) commit business suicide right now. And it's slow, agonizing business suicide, inflicting the maximum amount of pain and agony in the process.

The Spider’s Guide To Leadership

Dennis McIntee is passionate about helping leaders develop their coaching skills. He keynotes frequently at leadership seminars as well as appearing in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and on national radio and TV. He is the author of The 8 Qualities of Drama Free Teams: Do More. Stress Less. Zero Drama.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton In a Fistfight?

It seems like that's the kind of spectacle the media would give us, if they could. But the upcoming US Presidential Election is not a game, and it is not entertainment.


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