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"We'll Get You Better Results Or We'll Fix Your Copy Until We Do!"

"After Nearly 30 Years of Copywriting and over $500 Million In Sales… I’ve Decided to Assemble an
“A-Team” - Chock-Full - of My Finest Copywriting Students… Primed to get you RESULTS!"

What Results Have Our Clients Had?

No project is perfect, but we go the extra mile to ensure your results.


"We passed the $200k milestone in under 24 hours!"

Ray Edwards's team led the copy creation for our brand new cutting edge technology called HapBee. We launched it on a crowdfunding platform and the results were beyond our hopes and dreams!

HapBee™ was fully funded in under 10 minutes of our official launch time, we passed the $200k milestone in under 24 hours, and over 700 new HapBee™ family members have joined the fold and Ray and his team was a huge part of that!

What I appreciated the most about Ray’s team was not only the quality of work but the amount of time the writers invested in fully understanding our product and mission right from the start.

Quality, timeliness, and success is what they delivered.

We’re just getting rolling - And NONE of this would have happened without the amazing copy they provided.

– Scott Donnell, CEO of HapBee™

Imagine How Many Courses, Memberships, Books, and Tickets To Your Live Event You'd Sell If You Could...

Tap Into My Best Copywriting Secrets

Hire a Writer Who Knows My $500 Million Writing Methods and Formulas Like the Back of Their Hand. Each writer in The Ray Edwards Copywriting Agency has been trained, tested (real writing tests... not a 3-hour certification done behind a laptop), and trialed by Ray Edwards himself.

Work With A Writer Focused
And Dedicated To Your Mission

Getting your copy written… any writer can do that. But, having a writer who acts as if they are on your team, delivers their work on time, and answers the call when the chaos of a launch is at its peak… that’s hard to find. Our writers are primed for pressure and the big stage of any launch.

Get Flaming Hot Copy With Maximum
Pulling Power To Grow Your Business

Bypass the competition and multiply your profits with copywriting crafted in your voice and laser-focused on your audience’s deepest desires. My master copywriting coaches and I will personally read and approve EVERY piece of copy to guarantee the highest probability of success!

Alright, Who am I and Why is It A Good Idea To Work With My Agency?


From: Ray Edwards
49 ° North Latitude

If you're a business owner using direct response marketing and advertising, here is a no-risk offer from the Ray Edwards Copywriting Agency...

We guarantee to deliver better results than you're currently experiencing from your emails and sales pages.

If our copy doesn't bring in more sales more often, we will fix it until it does or refund 100% of your money.

We will use the formulas, frameworks, strategies, and tactics I've used to create an estimated $500 Million or more in products and services for my clients to write your blockbuster copy. Clients such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Stu McLaren, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, and many others across just about every industry.

Is There A Catch?

Actually, there are three:

1. You must allow us to write copy we think will sell.

You must agree to give us creative freedom. If you alter the sales page or email sequence we deliver, we cannot guarantee successful results.

2. You must be in need of better copy.

If your sales pages and emails are already pulling blockbuster sales number, there's no need to retain our services. But, if you're like the majority of businesses who aren't happy with their results, or who don't have time to write your copy, we can help.

3. You must agree to provide us detailed data after you test our copy as well as a testimonial we can use to retain more business in the future.

We believe in "scientific advertising" based on actual tested results. We cannot help you sell more without accurate data.


“When we need email copy written or reviewed for launches and JV launches… we call The Ray Edwards Agency… because they overdeliver!”

–Stu McLaren

Creator of The Membership Experience™ and Searchie™

Can We Really Guarantee Results?

We're able to guarantee results because of our proven formulas and frameworks for sales-boosting emails and sales pages. These formulas, put to the test in my extensive experience writing for high-stakes superstar clients, make our copy unusually powerful.

Here are a few reasons why our agency consistently produces copy that sells:

1. Proof Over Hype Every Time

No amount of over-promising will ever bring you more sales. In fact, it will do the opposite. Your prospects will be repelled by you and likely never consider doing business with you.

Rather than rely on over-blown hype and bombast, we focus on providing solid, logical, reasoned proof that you can deliver the solutions your prospects most need to solve their problems.

2. Ray Edwards Certified Copywriters

Every copywriter who works in our agency has been through intense schooling in my methods and strategies for writing winning copy with predictable regularity. Their training includes periods of writing under intense time pressure to prepare them for high-stakes projects when your money is on the line.

3. Copy Chief "Back-Stopping" Process

Despite our trust in every copywriter on our team, we provide a double-check mentoring system. Every piece of copy is submitted to a seasoned copy chief who scrutinizes and picks apart any detail of the copy that doesn’t rise to the high standard of results we hold as our most important principle.

And as a final, double "back-stop," I personally read every piece of copy myself to guarantee my stamp of approval before you put the copy to the test.

4. We Abide By "The 10 Commandments of Hiring A Copywriter"

These 10 Commandments are...

I. SCOPE: Thy copywriter shalt help you determine exactly what type of copy you'll need, and how much copy you'll need to bring you the results you seek.

II. VOICE: Thy copywriter shalt spend time with you and your material to learn your unique voice, and then infuse that voice into your copy. Your voice is what differentiates you from the crowd.

III. DEADLINE: Thy copywriter shalt deliver your copy on time…every time. If he doth not, woe unto them, and they shalt be cast into outer darkness.

IV. MILESTONES: Thy copywriter shalt set up mile markers along the way during your project so that you can be consistently confident that your project is receiving the loving care it deserves.

V. COMMUNICATION: Thy copywriter shalt check in with you throughout the process to get your input and make absolutely certain that you’re thrilled with the hand-crafted copy thou receiveth.

VI. REVISIONS: Thy copywriter shalt continue to work with you until thou art thrilled.

VII. PROOFREADING: Thy copywriter shalt have thy copy proofread, and ensure the text is error-free.

VIII. REVIEW: Thy copywriter shalt put thy copy under the watchful eye of a mentor or other senior copywriter.

IX. RESULTS: Thy copywriter shalt have a track record of results.

X. FOLLOW-UP: Thy copywriter shalt NOT just hand off your project and wish you luck. Thy copywriter shalt be there if things go sideways ready to swoop in and save the day!


"I first met Ray when I was still working with Tony Robbins. We needed a sales letter for a new product. Hiring Ray to write that sales copy was one of the best decisions we ever made, because he nailed it. Every time we used Ray's copy, our sales went through the roof!"

–Amy Porterfield

Creator of Digital Course Academy™

After you make your $1,000 application deposit, we will ask you
to fill out a form with details of your project.

If You're Interested, What Should You Do?

If you want to be one of the 20 business owners who gets this REMARKABLE, once-in-lifetime deal, here's what you need to do:

1. Click the big red button below to pay your $1,000 application fee to reserve your spot.

2. Fill out the information sheet that follows the application fee. Tell us a little about your business, your products, and how we can help you.

3. We will reach out to you ASAP to book a call with our director of sales to further discuss your project.

4. Attend a "copy call" with one of our Copy Chiefs and Certified Copywriters to discuss your product/service, your customers, your offer, and the rest of the creative to make your campaign a winner.

5. Upon delivery of your copy, have a follow-up call with the same Copy Chief and Certified Copywriter to review the final copy and discuss any needed re-writes.

6. Put your copy to the test in the marketplace.

7. Provide us detailed data of the results.

8. If the results are not satisfactory, we will fix the copy until it delivers.

9. Provide us a testimonial.

Our mission is to solve our valued client’s copy problem with unmatched professionalism and passion.

And it’s a mission I look forward to working on with you.

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To Your Prosperity,


Ray Edwards, President & Copy Chief