He Makes $1500 Per Hour - Using AI

Many technological advances come with a healthy dose of fear, and that has definitely been the case with AI - especially with writers and artists. "Why would someone pay me when they can just ask an AI to generate something for them at virtually no cost?" This week, I have an answer. Meet an "A.I. Artist" who is pulling down $1,500 an hour and he's completely upfront about who (or what) is doing the heavy lifting.

Start Your 1-Person Business Now

This week, I'm encouraging you to start your 1-Person business. AI has made it possible for 1 person to function as though they had a team of 10 people or more. Add this to the power of "The Great Leveler", and there are no more excuses.

The AI-Powered Secrets of a Million-Dollar Copywriter

Are you looking for ways to stay ahead of the game as a copywriter? Look no further than the AI-powered strategies of a million-dollar copywriter.


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