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The Most Important Skill For Any Business


Monday, April 08, 2024


Ray Edwards

This is part 2 of the "Writer's Rewind" series. I'm devoting this month to covering some of the fundamentals of great copy, and in the case of this week, why copy itself is so fundamentally important to the success of your business, regardless of what that business is.

​This episode was originally released almost a decade ago (the day I celebrated my 50th birthday). I must admit, I was pleased that none of this content is "outdated". All the reasons I gave  to support my claim are no less true today than they were then. 


Five Reasons Why Copywriting is the Most Important Skill For Any Business

  • ​ 1. It costs nothing, but returns can be huge
  • 2. It can generate instant cash infusions
  • 3. Copy builds stabilized income streams
  • 4. Write once, profit indefinitely
  • 5. Copy provides strategic positioning


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