11 Income Streams for Copywriters

Last week I promised to share with you, 9 income streams for copywriters. In the interest of overdelivering, this week I present to you…11 income streams for copywriters.

Copywriting…The Best Side Hustle Ever?

Oh sure, the copywriting guy thinks that copywriting is the best side hustle ever…What a surprise, right?

The #1 Reason You Fail – And How to Fix It

Perhaps you are someone who would be described as successful by the people who know you. If that success is in business, maybe your world is filled with luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and exotic vacations. If you're a successful parent, perhaps one of your children is now attending Stanford and you have another that's heading off to Harvard next fall.

Dr. Gus’s Post Covid Protocol

This week's episode is definitely a departure from my regular content, but it's an important message that I wanted to share.

Better Than Happy: Interview with Jody Moore

If you've listened to me for very long, you know that I believe your thoughts, as in the things you think about from day to day, determine pretty much everything in your life: Your relationships with family and friends, your business success, even your relationship with God.

From Lawyer to Copywriter: Anna Powers

Last week, I claimed it's possible to change everything, break free, and live. This week, I'm welcoming someone who exemplifies that message – My friend, Anna Powers.

Change Everything, Break Free, and Live!

It seems that millions of people were previously too busy to notice that they weren't satisfied with their life…Specifically, the way they make their living.

Entrepreneurs Step Up

The pandemic has forced tens of thousands of small businesses to close their doors. Now, in the midst of our recovery, another term from the history books threatens to manifest itself in the present day – world war.

3 Keys to Real Success

Before we start discussing the 3 keys, we'd better take a moment to define success.

I Don’t Believe You

Beliefs produce results. If you truly believe something, there will be evidence of that belief somewhere in your life.

Get Genius Ideas on Demand

Where do your best ideas come from? If you answered, “your brain”, you're only sort of correct. Our best ideas come from other ideas.

Your Sales Copy System

See if this sounds like anyone you know…You need to generate some cash, so you come up with an idea. You set up your funnel and your checkout…You calculate your possible conversions…

What Does It Take To Make $1M

Having a “million-dollar idea” may not have quite the punch it had in decades passed, but that million-dollar milestone is alive and well.

Do The Hard Things

I can't think of a time in my life where I have experienced significant growth, without significant effort. That's true for pretty much all of us.

A Single Page Can Change Your Life

How can a single page of writing change your entire life? That's what I'm proposing to you as the truth. Consider that IF my proposition is true, and you place this single page on your website, and you position it correctly, it can indeed change your financial destiny.

How to Think About Problems

With only a few days left in 2021, I wanted to bring you a powerful message that's short, easy to digest and could be extremely helpful with whatever problems you face in 2022. Of course, I don't know what those problems will be (for either of us), but I do know the way in which you view them, and ultimately deal with them, will affect your personal growth.


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