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This Is More Powerful Than Sales Copy

For years, I've touted Direct Response Sales Copy as the most lucrative niche a freelance writer can master to have a very high profit, virtually no overhead business. That is still true, but, when it comes to those who are writing copy to promote their own products, services, and ideas, there is something much more powerful… Content.

The Writer's Secret (Don't Miss This)

This week's episode gives you an overview of the deep dive we'll be taking during Thursday's class. The topics I want to cover are better presented in a live, interactive format, so I encourage you to attend if you're reading this before the event.

Start Late, Finish Rich

don't think it takes an expert to know that millions of people exhausting their savings, borrowing against their home equity, and exiting the marketplace is going to cause hardship in the not-so-distant future. BUT – there IS a bright side – One of the brightest I've ever seen! I'll share it with you in this week's episode.

The Creator Economy

You are a writer…Even if you don't think you are. I'll teach ways to improve your persuasive writing by organizing bits of knowledge into blocks of information you can use to create original, compelling content.

Quitting On Your Goals? Don't!

This week, I'll tell you the 7 domains of life you should always be working to improve, regardless of the date.

Is This the Time for You to Launch

“Should I start my business now, or wait until things are a little better?” Here's the short answer – Do it now! In this week's episode, I'll back that answer up with 5 great reasons to get started A.S.A.P. – Whether you're talking about launching a business, publishing a book, starting a podcast…whatever it is, NOW is the time.

For the Christian Creative - With David Lee Martin

This week, I'm introducing you to someone who is helping to change lives – in particular, the lives of Christian entrepreneurs around the globe. David Lee Martin is not only a student of mine, but he has become a great friend and respected colleague.

What Copywriting Really Is

For this week's episode, I wanted to get back-to-basics and give you the nuts and bolts explanation of who I am and my philosophy of writing persuasive, direct-response copy.

Make More Money Than You've Made All Year

No matter what your business, this week's podcast lays out a simple plan for you to CRUSH your goals for the year, rake in the revenue, and pile up profits. How great would it be to start 2022 with that amazing momentum?

Copywriting Alone Is Not Enough

This week, I'll tell you what other skills you must possess to thrive, AND give you an actionable checklist that will simplify the process of getting you (and keeping you) in high demand.

How To Create Products Out Of Thin Air (With a 99% Profit Margin)

This week I want to talk about writing, as a business. Not just copywriting, but writing in general. From fiction to how-to e-books, to blogging (yes, blogging is NOT dead- proof below), etc.

The One Assignment I Did NOT Want

I had big dreams 10 years ago. And they were all coming true. Until the one day everything in my life fell apart… and I had to face a chilling reality.

How I Live Well with Parkinson’s (10 Years Later)

The truth is, we're all dealing with something – Either something big, bold and in-your face (chronic pain, degenerative diseases, injuries, etc.), or the subtle, waiting patiently in the background, definitively terminal condition that we all have in common – Life.

Choose Your Life Again

If you are making any kind of decision, it's a good time to make all the decisions. About every part of your life. Don't let this freak you out. It's actually a good thing. It's a way to unleash lightning bolts of positive energy in your life.

“This Might Be My Biggest Mistake Ever”

If you would like to run on the track with me, so we can spread together and make more progress in the next 12 weeks than most people will make in the next 12 years, invite you to join us for our live workshop which is happening Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

Read to Lead - With Jeff Brown

If you want to be a leader, you need to develop a reading habit. “Leaders are readers,” says Jeff Brown, my guest on today’s podcast.


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