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Create for an Audience of One

You create content to build an audience...not the other way around! This week, I'm proposing that you create your content for an audience of one, and my guest, Jody Maberry, is proof that this strategy works.

Is 58 Too Late?

I often get some form of this question... "Is 58 too late to ____?" The number is arbitrary and this line of questioning can go on and on... Is it too late to start a business? Is it too late to build a brand? Is it too late to ...whatever. This week, I'm giving you my best answer to all of those questions.

Poverty Is Spiritual Warfare

Many Christians are culturally programmed to feel guilty about wealth, but is poverty God's plan for us? Today I propose that God wants you to prosper in all things that are good, including business (and I have the verses to prove it).

7 P's For Maximum Prosperity

Whether it's January 1, December 31, or any date in between, implementing these 7 P's can get you primed for prosperity

Plan Your Year

Here are 5 easy steps that will lead you to a better new year.

The Magic Word That Will Change Your Life

Learn to use this powerful word that can greatly reduce the stress in your life.

Why People Don't Change

People change when the pain of not changing feels more real than the difficulty of making the change. This is why 97% of people fail with New Year's Resolutions. The pain of not eating the pie seems more real than the pain of future health problems.

P.A.S.T.O.R. Masterclass

This week, I'm diving deeper into my proven, powerful copywriting framework - P.A.S.T.O.R. with a "mini" Masterclass

Writer's Block

I have previously claimed that Writer's Block does not exist. That was true for me at least, until recently. This week I'm sharing what caused it, and how I fixed it.

Your Shadow Brand

Building your business and your brand requires a particular set of skills. I want to talk about those skills (one in particular), but also issue a reminder about your other brand...the one built by others. Your shadow brand. What is it, and how do you manage it?

Tiny List Brings Massive Profit

"People Pleasing" is NOT the way to build a brand. You might build a BIG list that way, but you won't build a QUALITY one. Your list, your followers, your subscribers...They need to know the real you if you want to build a connection. My guest this week is known as "the People Displeaser" (a.k.a. Nick Pollard), and he has done exactly that.

Be A Word Nerd

Check out this incredible conversation I had with my fellow word-nerd, Molly Rouse-DiCioccio. Molly has an amazing insight as to "why people do stuff" (as she puts it). Once you understand the psychology, the right words become obvious.

From Part-Time Copywriter to Empire Builder

Amanda Foust is a shining example of someone who turned their passion into a profitable business. Her love of writing inspired her to learn a skill that she's used to build TWO successful businesses — Copywriting.

From Zero Dollars to 300,000 Dollars In One Year

Many entrepreneurs start their journey out of necessity. An unforeseen set of circumstances gives them the push, and then it's sink or swim. My guest this week was facing some major challenges in her family and finances. She fought through the fear and built a successful, 6-figure business in less than a year...That's a story worth paying attention to.

Using A.I. To Grow Your Business - With Matt Wolfe

This week, I'm speaking with Matt Wolfe, whose YouTube channel, newsletter subscribers, and website have all seen exponential growth over the past few months. We'll talk about how that came to be, plus some predictions about the future of A.I. in content creation.

The 1 High-Value Skill to Rule Them All

I can think of no more valuable skill than the one that conveys the importance, uniqueness, value, and necessity of everything else you have to offer - Copywriting.


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