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I Don’t Believe You

Beliefs produce results. If you truly believe something, there will be evidence of that belief somewhere in your life.

Get Genius Ideas on Demand

Where do your best ideas come from? If you answered, “your brain”, you're only sort of correct. Our best ideas come from other ideas.

Your Sales Copy System

See if this sounds like anyone you know…You need to generate some cash, so you come up with an idea. You set up your funnel and your checkout…You calculate your possible conversions…

What Does It Take To Make $1M

Having a “million-dollar idea” may not have quite the punch it had in decades passed, but that million-dollar milestone is alive and well.

Do The Hard Things

I can't think of a time in my life where I have experienced significant growth, without significant effort. That's true for pretty much all of us.

Don’t Hire a Copywriter (5 Reasons Why)

Yes, I'm a professional copywriter, and yes, I think there are great reasons NOT to hire a professional copywriter…At least, not at first.

A Single Page Can Change Your Life

How can a single page of writing change your entire life? That's what I'm proposing to you as the truth. Consider that IF my proposition is true, and you place this single page on your website, and you position it correctly, it can indeed change your financial destiny.

Be a Money Magnet

Can you attract money? I firmly believe that you can! And this belief doesn't stem from the “believe in it and it will come true” philosophy. This goes beyond wishful thinking and enters into one of my favorite topics: Mindset.

How to Think About Problems

With only a few days left in 2021, I wanted to bring you a powerful message that's short, easy to digest and could be extremely helpful with whatever problems you face in 2022. Of course, I don't know what those problems will be (for either of us), but I do know the way in which you view them, and ultimately deal with them, will affect your personal growth.

Gen-X and Boomers - Hark Unto Me

I won't spend a lot of time breaking down the irony of how some of the modern generation, characterized as tolerant and accepting, can paint an entire group of people with the same broad brush (a crime which they often accuse Boomers of), but rather focus on the facts and figures…Boomers, and Gen-X'ers are raking in millions by marketing their knowledge online.

This Is More Powerful Than Sales Copy

For years, I've touted Direct Response Sales Copy as the most lucrative niche a freelance writer can master to have a very high profit, virtually no overhead business. That is still true, but, when it comes to those who are writing copy to promote their own products, services, and ideas, there is something much more powerful… Content.

The Writer's Secret (Don't Miss This)

This week's episode gives you an overview of the deep dive we'll be taking during Thursday's class. The topics I want to cover are better presented in a live, interactive format, so I encourage you to attend if you're reading this before the event.

Start Late, Finish Rich

don't think it takes an expert to know that millions of people exhausting their savings, borrowing against their home equity, and exiting the marketplace is going to cause hardship in the not-so-distant future. BUT – there IS a bright side – One of the brightest I've ever seen! I'll share it with you in this week's episode.

The Creator Economy

You are a writer…Even if you don't think you are. I'll teach ways to improve your persuasive writing by organizing bits of knowledge into blocks of information you can use to create original, compelling content.

Quitting On Your Goals? Don't!

This week, I'll tell you the 7 domains of life you should always be working to improve, regardless of the date.

Is This the Time for You to Launch

“Should I start my business now, or wait until things are a little better?” Here's the short answer – Do it now! In this week's episode, I'll back that answer up with 5 great reasons to get started A.S.A.P. – Whether you're talking about launching a business, publishing a book, starting a podcast…whatever it is, NOW is the time.


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