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As we continue our recording studio makeover at Ray Edwards, International, I've been going through some past episodes, looking for those that stood out…episodes worth a second listen.

The 5 Phases of a Prosperous Business – RELOADED

This week, we decided to use some studio downtime to revisit our most downloaded, most commented episode, and strip it down to the meat and potatoes. The original episode, which you can find in its entirety here, focused on the importance of the order in which entrepreneurs should do things to successfully create a personal-brand based business.

You Are The Brand – With Mike Kim

You already are a personal brand, and as my friend Mike Kim says, you might as well be a better one. Personal branding isn't just for celebrities, public speakers, or internet gurus…It's for YOU!

5 Reasons Why Now Is Your Time

So many of us still have life “on pause” as a result of the last 18 months. Regardless of where you are or what restrictions you're still facing, it's time to press play…It's time to move forward. This week, I'm giving you 5 reasons to show you why Now is your time.

5 Failure Factors of Highly Ineffective Entrepreneurs

This week, I'm asking you to do some self-reflection (check yourself, before you wreck yourself.) I'm offering you 5 “Failure Factors” that can paralyze entrepreneurs if left unchecked.

How We Hit Our First 100% Success Rate

In this week's episode I want to talk about what I believe to be the future of online education – Cohort Based Learning. This isn't a new concept, but it IS revolutionary. After all, a revolution is simply a return to the start.

Get 1 Million Views of YOUR Video on TikTok

TikTok may have began as a platform built for teens and tweens to post dancing videos and the like, but that is NOT what it is today. These days, it's a viable platform for marketing yourself and your business.

Monetize Your Message – With Jonathan Milligan

I’ve got a couple of big, epiphany inducing, points to share in this week’s episode, and I can’t wait for you to jump in.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Take More Time Off

Successful entrepreneurs are typically go-getters, but too much go-getting can cost you everything you're supposed to be working for.

Interview With Bryan Kelly

My guest this week has a solution to a problem that most of us are probably guilty of: We read a book and acquire some great knowledge, but never put it to use.

5 Hacks For Writing 5,000 Words a Day

One of the most important keys to writing copy that sells is being able to write copy quickly. Frequently the faster writer will get the jobs slow writers miss out on. And many times opportunities in the market place exist only for a short window – to take advantage of those you must be able to write copy quickly.

How To Create Content That Sells

I'm a big believer in systemizing tasks for repeatable results, BUT…can you systemize creative processes? Absolutely! In fact, I have a method that will help you generate consistent, strategic content that WILL get you noticed AND boost your bottom line. That's what I'm breaking down in this week's episode.

Will Copywriters Be Replaced by A.I. Robots?

Am I worried about copywriters being replaced by AI robots?

The End of Overthinking

My guest this week is best-selling author and all-around superstar, Jon Acuff.

The Chargeback That Made Her Fight Back

If you run a service based business, a troublesome client is almost inevitable. For instance, a client may demand a refund even when you have delivered exactly what you promised. And if they paid with a credit card, they don't necessarily need your permission to take that money back.

How Do I Get Out Of Overwhelm?

Not so long ago, I found my To-Do list had exceeded 100 items. None of the items were unimportant; they all needed to be completed and the sheer number of tasks was intimidating.


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