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The AI-Powered Secrets of a Million-Dollar Copywriter


Wednesday, June 07, 2023


Ray Edwards

In this Episode of the Ray Edwards Show, I'm going to show you exactly how I'm using AI every week in my workflow. How I am using AI in my business to make more money with less work, and produce better copy (meaning copy that converts better). And how you can do the same thing.

This episode is specifically made for business owners who want to write copy for their own business. Even if your business is a copywriting business – there is plenty of opportunity for all of us. These are the days of limitless opportunity.

But you certainly don't have to be a copywriter-for-hire to use this same workflow. This will work for any online business, including personal brands, authors, speakers, coaches, and course creators.


[00:00] My workflow for creating this podcast (and who this will work for)
[03:13] Step 1 - Research the topic most on the minds of my viewers/listeners
[04:17] Step 2 - Put my research into a working document
[04:35] Step 3 - Write my "Human Generated" outline of the episode
[05:10] Step 4 - Run my text through ClarityScribe
[06:31] Step 5 - Read the A.I. generated text out loud ( this)
[07:56] Step 6 - Record the video version for YouTube
[10:03] Step 7 - Polish up the video (See link below for TimeBolt)
[11:47] Step 8 - Run the audio through ClarityScribe's Podcast module
[12:18] Step 9 - Put the video through Opus Video AI (link below)
[12:55] Step 10 - Load Podcast post on YouTube, the blog, and socials
[13:27] Step 11 - Launch The Video


ClairtyScribe - The ultimate copywriting A.I. not only generates copy for my podcast, but also parses the finished audio to create show notes, a verbatim transcript, social posts, and emails. 

TimeBolt - This is what I use to "clean up" my videos. Removing any dead spaces, bad takes, and various stumbles. (affiliate link)

VidIQ - I use this software to analyze my channel and get the insights necessary to keep my content focused, and relevant to what my audience expects. (affiliate link)

Opus Clip - This incredible software will analyze your long form videos and create sharable highlights. 

Jeff Walker - The inventor of the "Product Launch Formula" coaching program. You can find many of these principles and techniques in his book, called Launch!

My Content Creation Checklist - A summary of the process described in this episode in pdf format

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