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Saturday, July 01, 2023


Ray Edwards

This week is another Q&A with Ray episode where I offer my answers to these questions: 

  •  How do I get more people to open my emails?
  • ​Can I use copywriting on social media without seeming sleazy?
  • ​Are old-school sales pages dead?

Those are some great questions, to which I believe I have some helpful answers.

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[00:00] Intro - More Q&A
[00:22] Question 1: How do I get more people to open my emails?
[03:25] Question 2: Can I use copywriting on social media to make sales (without seeming sleazy)?
[05:37] Question 3:   Are old-school sales pages dead?
[07:51] Win a free, signed copy of Read This Or Die: Persuading Yourself to a Better Life


Read This Or Die - Learn more about my new book, Read This Or Die: Persuading Yourself to a Better Life

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Ray Edwards

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