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Get Clients Now

If you're a new copywriter, or perhaps find yourself in a slump, your immediate question is likely: How do I get clients, now?

Linguistic Alchemy - Go For Gold

When I say, “change your words, change your world,” it isn't just for the sake of marketing – it's a fact. This week's episode is about the importance of language. From the way we express ourselves in person and online to our most private internal dialogue, the words we choose are critical. They truly shape our view of reality.

14 Rules for Success in Tough Times

No matter how bad things get, there are almost always things you can do to improve yourself and your situation. This week, I'm giving you 14, easy to understand rules that will help you do exactly that.

Ask Ray Anything

This week's podcast comes from a meeting I hosted recently entitled “Ask Ray Anything”. The original intent of this meeting was to answer questions related to my Accelerated Certification Program, but I made the last-minute decision to make it a complete free-for-all…A true “Ask Ray Anything” meeting.

Richie Norton on Anti-Time Management

If you're an entrepreneur, I'd be shocked if you didn't own at least two books on the subject of time management. I'd be even more shocked if you own a time management book that I haven't read. I've been fascinated with this particular subject since my high school days. That's quite a few years ago (decades, in fact), so it seemed unlikely that anyone could completely change the way I manage my time at this stage of the game.

Thinking About the End

This week, I wanted to tackle a huge question: “Is this the end?” Spoiler Alert: No. It isn't.

This Is Your Time to Become a Millionaire Entrepreneur

This week's episode is not a puffed-up pep talk (although there may be some motivational side effects). When I say THIS is your time to become an entrepreneur, I mean it…And I have 7 great reasons that back it up.

The $100 Recession-Proof Startup Business

Not only can you start a business that actually prospers during recession, but you can do so for less than a $100 investment.

10 Rules for Prospering in Recession

How should entrepreneurs view economic recession? Is it “brace for impact”, or “full speed ahead”?

The Secret Society of Success

My guest this week is Tim Schurrer, author of The Secret Society of Success. First of all, I must admit that when I saw that title, I was a little leery…Secret society?

Your Greatest Asset in the Recession

I'd like to preface this by acknowledging that America is not officially in a recession and that things may not get as bad as some of the typical sources of gloom and doom would have us believe.

5 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book

If you have a goal of building a successful online business, I know of no better way to quickly build a reputable, memorable, brand, than by writing a book.

From Big Idea to Bestseller

Last week I shared the story of how I recently received a $150,000 advance from a publisher for an upcoming book. Furthermore, I suggested that you can do the same…If you have the right idea and follow the right process.

My $150,000 Book Deal

Is it possible to get $150,000 check for a book that has yet to be written? Absolutely. I know this because that's exactly what I experienced thanks to my friend, and this week's guest, Jeff Goins.

Negative Thinking – a Self-Inflicted Wound

There is no shortage of fuel for negative thinking, and none of us are immune to it. The good news is that you can minimize your negative thinking by making a conscious decision to control the one thing you should always be in control of: your attitude.

11 Income Streams for Copywriters

Last week I promised to share with you, 9 income streams for copywriters. In the interest of overdelivering, this week I present to you…11 income streams for copywriters.


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