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Saturday, December 09, 2023


Ray Edwards

The P.A.S.T.O.R. Framework® is the formula I use to craft every piece of sales copy I write. It is also the most "borrowed" piece of knowledge that I've ever taught. I've seen it shared in countless blog posts, videos, and forums around the net (often without proper attribution, but that's okay...I guess).

The thing is, to really use this formula effectively, you need to learn a little more than just what each letter of the acronym stands for. This week, I'm diving deeper into each step of the process with a P.A.S.T.O.R. "mini" Masterclass.

Listen carefully, put these concepts to work, and you WILL sell more of your stuff.

  • ​A review of the PASTOR Framework®
  • ​Diving Deeper ... Talk to your "Right-Fit" client
  • ​KNOW Your Person as well as possible, then talk to THEM, not to a group - Describe THEIR problem
  • ​Describe the Pain as they perceive it
  • ​What's going to happen if the problem (the Pain) goes unsolved?
  • ​Show them what's possible when the problem is solved
  • ​Tell them the story of Why they should listen to
  • ​Describe your experience...tell the story of how you discovered the solution
  • ​Show the transformation that happened for you (AND share the stories of others when you have them)
  • ​Paint the picture of possibility - What would their life look like once your product has solved their problem
  • ​Always focus on the benefits - Even if the offer
  • ​Reframe the objections as questions...and answer them
  • ​What are the reasons they should act Right NOW?
  • ​Explain the cost of waiting
  • ​Don't forget to actually ASK for the Sale 

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Ray Edwards

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