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Captain's log 2020.06.04. Due to the outbreak of a novel Coronavirus, the entire planet earth has been shut down for the past 70 days. Frustration, tension, anxiety, even desperation are on the rise as the wave of the initial cases of the virus subsides and the economic and social-political implications of the aftermath begin to take shape.

A Real Conversation

Diana Gladney is my guest host today, and her specialty is Helping Busy Entrepreneurs Simplify Video Creation to Amplify Your Business & Brand! She helps busy entrepreneurs take complicated video tips and teaches them in a way that the everyday entrepreneur can understand so that they can share their purpose with those who need it the most.

Let’s Talk About George Floyd

This week’s podcast is a little different. We're going to talk about the George Floyd killing and what's happening right now in our country. I've invited a good friend of mine, Dr. Fred Jones, to help me get some perspective on this issue.

My Personal Code of Conduct

We all face difficulties in our everyday lives. Some things that I’ve struggled with are my emotions and reactions, and eating healthy food. I do a lot better with both things now even though I am not always perfect, but because I wrote down goals in my code of conduct to address those issues, I have been able to keep myself accountable.

The Magic Words That Make You Rich

This week I was faced with one of the hardest realizations that I’ve had in a long time. The part of the whole situation that put it all in perspective was one sentence, and that is how powerful words can be.

How to Have Success, Peace, and Prosperity in the Time of Pandemic

Whatever is going on in the world at any point does not dictate the success, prosperity, or peace you experience in your life. That, my friend, is up to you and only you.

The Vision Driven Leader – An Interview With Michael Hyatt

As entrepreneurs, we know it is crucial for our businesses to have a vision to strive toward. The problem that we all face with this is that nobody tells you how you’re supposed to find and implement it.

Be Still and Know

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of losing sleep over pointless thoughts.

Giving It Away Is Not Enough

Start the day with me as I dig deep into how you can give valuable content to your audience without going bankrupt. Maybe this is for your business right now or maybe it will fit in line with where your business is in the future. On today’s show, you’ll find that your company might not be ready for a technique like this, and how you can protect your business from a quick marketing disaster.

The 5 M’s of Conquering Corona Virus

Let’s start this beautiful Tuesday morning discovering the 5 M’s to conquering the Coronavirus in the most enriching way possible. This is the time to make changes in your life, and these are some of the best changes you can make right now.

How to Come Out of COVID Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Join me today as I welcome Dr. Gus onto the show to answer some common questions we have about the coronavirus, and how we can act now to lower our risk of infection and come out of quarantine ready and healthier than ever.

New Thoughts to Believe

Often we find that we are so stressed and anxious and we have no idea why. Did you ever think that maybe you have some thoughts in your head that you just keep thinking without even realizing it? This morning we are going to start the day by downloading ALL of our thoughts, the good, the bad, and especially the ugly. We will acknowledge, analyze, and correct them, so they won’t sit in the back of our minds rotting away our happiness any longer.

Expansion vs. Contraction

What are you doing to better yourself right now? Have you noticed that you’re growing? Or are you shrinking? Let’s start the day finding out if we’re expansionist or a contractionist, and how we can make sure to expand and reach for our potential.

9 Ways Copywriters Make Money

This morning on Start the Day With Ray I am going to teach you how YOU can have nine streams of income as a freelance copywriter today. You need the income now, and I have some solutions for you, about 9 to be exact and I’ll throw in an extra one if you stay to the end.

7 Questions That Transform Problems Into Possibilities

We are going to start this morning by asking 7 questions that can transform the problem you have into possibility. With possibilities there is hope and maybe the answer to your problem is easier than you might’ve thought. What are you going to do?

The Freedom Factor Formula

Today we’re going to start the day by recognizing where the true value in our life can be found, and then I am going to teach you how you can use the Freedom Factor Formula to start bringing income to your company now. Make sure to stay to the end so you can find out how you can get a FREE care package from me to help your company get back on its feet.


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