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Start Your Business and Get Clients Now

The people who run online businesses are the people who are still making income right now. Yes, it may be impacted by the current situation, but they aren’t jobless, and you don’t have to be either.

3 Ways to Control Your Mood

Do you want to stop being depressed and anxious starting today?

5 Better Ways to Spend Your Time During Lockdown

Today on the Daily Ray I’m going to share 5 things you can do during these unfortunate times to make the best of your new schedule and to make your business less stressful and more productive.

Life on Lockdown

Today on The Ray Edwards Show Tiffany and I are talking about how we’re dealing with life on lockdown with and without children living in our houses. We are also talking about the huge possibilities for people like you who might be facing financial hardships due to the loss of a job or the closing of your business. There are so many things you can do right now while staying safe in your home.

Why it’s Crucial to Consider the Context

Communication is key!

Matching the Mind of the Market

The Daily Ray today is about how we as entrepreneurs need to keep marketing even during these different times. We CAN’T stop just because the message changes, we need to market more now than ever before.

The 3 Key Factors to Being the Solution ?

This is OUR time!

3 Ways To Spend Your Time(out)

As entrepreneurs, we always strive to use our time wisely…

Time To Step Up

Today on the Daily Ray I want to share why it’s so important for us entrepreneurs to NOT back down, why we need to keep selling and producing quality content. If people needed your products before, they need them now more than ever.

The Anniversary Show

As you can see, today is my anniversary, but not for The Ray Edwards Show. It’s my 35th anniversary with my beautiful wife Lynn. So for this special episode, I will be sharing with you Joe Pomeroy’s interview of me for his new podcast, Forward with Joe.

What’s Always Right is ALWAYS Right

Today on the Daily Ray I want you to walk away with a purpose for your day. With social distancing in practice and things feeling dark for a lot of people the smallest act of kindness can make their day or even their week. Kindness is ALWAYS right and ALWAYS will be. Listen to the podcast to find out what else is ALWAYS right.

What Optimism Really Looks Like

Optimism, as I’ve said before, is the key to overcoming the dreaded outcomes, but it is not hoping for a great outcome, it is trusting in God that the outcome is for the greater good and has a purpose. Being optimistic is taking what you’re given and making the best of it. Not everything is going to be inherently “good” in our eyes, but you can create a great outcome.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Coming Days

Right now as we feel like we’re in the twilight zone, we need to be prepared and start preparing for the future. Don’t start to panic, but be informed and stay calm. I want to help you with that. Today on the Daily Ray I am going to help you discover the FOUR best ways to prepare for the future of the coming days.

Saving Lives and Self Improving

Right now is a time for appreciation. Yes, some situations are not great at all, but you have the opportunity to do things you may not have had as much time for before. While this is a temporary situation, you need to use this time wisely! Do crafts with your kids or watch movies with your family. Find inspiration at this time and do something creative and share it because creativity can build positivity.

Your Biggest Opportunity in Recent History

Why wait to change your life or the work situation you’re in?

An Interview With Sean Cannell

Today my cohost Tiffany and I interview Sean Cannell, who went from making videos as a volunteer for his church to 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. He has been at it since 2007, which for those of you who don’t know is only TWO years after YouTube launched. So he definitely knows what it’s like to run a channel, and how to run one successfully.


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