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#178: How To Recover From Stupid Mistakes

Let's face it, we all make stupid mistakes. Learn to recover after making a “BIG MESS”.

#177: 7 Ways To Supercharge Your Morning

Do you have a morning routine? Learn 7 ways you can Supercharge yours now.

#176: Discomfort Determines Destiny

Did you know that Discomfort Determines Destiny? Learn the 3 Ways now.

#175: How to Stop Making Yourself Miserable

Are you miserable a lot of the time? Chances are you in more in control of that feeling than you realize. Here's what to do about it.

#174: How to Get Out of Overwhelm

Do you ever have that feeling of being totally overwhelmed? Well, in today's podcast, we go into a system for getting out of overwhelm that anyone can apply immediately.

#173: 5 Destructive Lies You Tell Yourself

What is a lie exactly? I have written elsewhere that “Lies… are simply falsehoods perpetrated upon us for the purpose of robbing us of something.” Yet we lie to ourselves every day. Why would we do that? And of what are we robbing ourselves?

#172: How To Get More Readers, Frank Viola (Part 2)

Today's episode is Part 2 of a two-part interview with best-selling author Frank Viola. I had great fun with this conversation, and if you are a writer (or want to be one), I think you'll learn a lot from it. I get to “grill” Frank about questions writers always want to know about other writers…

#171: How To Get More Readers, Frank Viola (Part 1)

Today's episode is Part 1 of a two-part interview with best-selling author Frank Viola. Frank has long been one my favorite authors, and in this episode I get to “grill” him about questions writers always want to know about other writers…

#170: How to Always Win

It often feels as though we're faced with the choice to either win or lose. What if you could always win?

#169: 7 Indispensable Apps for Writers

Writers love apps. We can waste countless hours testing and researching them. Before apps, it was pens, paper, and especially notebooks. The truth is, the tools we use are not nearly as important as the act of writing.

All Copywriters Are Prophets

All marketers are prophets. Most don't seem to know it. If they did, they would wield their power more carefully, more precisely, and more (forgive me the pun) profitably.

#168: A Day In The Life Of Ray

“So, what do you do every day? What's typical day like in your life?”

#167: The Current State of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is here, it's here to stay, and it's bigger than ever. But who can keep up with the trends, the new networks, and the shifting sands of strategy and tactics? How do you know what to spend your time on, and what's a waste? Who could possibly sort through this mass of possible opportunities or pitfalls?

How To Write A Sales Page That Rakes In $10 Million

You're invited to join me for a free, live Masterclass on Tuesday, June 2, from 7 p.m. Eastern (6 p.m. Central, 4 p.m. Pacific).

#166: Information Is Not Power

Have you heard the phrase, “Information is power?” Well, it's not true. It's not even close to being true.

The Truth About Getting More Traffic

What is the #1 thing you believe would benefit your blog or online business the most? The one thing that, if you could get it, would change your business (and your life)? Most people answer, “More traffic.”


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