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7 Reasons Why You Should Do a Product Launch

I believe just about everyone needs to learn how to do a product launch. Now mind you, a product launch is different from a product release. Product releases are often dull, flat, and disappointing for everyone involved. Product launches are often (usually) exciting, fun, and profitable for everyone involved.

#183: The Seven-Pillar Prosperity Practice

In this show, I'll share the daily practice that leads to prosperity – and is guaranteed to spare you a life of poverty, fear, and depression.

False Friends, True Friendship, and Guarding Your Heart

We use the word “friend” too lightly, and we do so at our peril. My message today is that true friendship is rare and important, while false friendship is common and dangerous. Let me tell you a story…

6 Link Saturday 003

I still haven't figured out a naming convention for these posts. Suggestions welcome. Here are my 6 Links for this week…

The Spider’s Guide To Leadership

Dennis McIntee is passionate about helping leaders develop their coaching skills. He keynotes frequently at leadership seminars as well as appearing in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and on national radio and TV. He is the author of The 8 Qualities of Drama Free Teams: Do More. Stress Less. Zero Drama.

#182: 4 Levels of Living That Bring Fulfillment and Success

If you ever feel like you get one area of your life working well, only to find a fire breaking out in some other part of your life… if you feel you are “doing okay” but still don't feel that sense of happiness, or success, or fulfillment you're after… this episodes is just for you!

Purpose, Presence, and the Dance

We spend our lives trying to “get things done”, thinking that will make us happy/fulfilled/significant/complete. (Or maybe it's just me that suffers from this illusion. I don't mean to presume.)

6 Link Saturday – What Captivates Me Now

These are my “Six Links for Saturday”. Interesting and fun stuff I like to share. These posts take a surprising amount of work to assemble, so if you appreciate this, please comment, share, or in some other way let me know it's worth the effort.

#181: How To Create a Product And Start Selling It In a Week

“What do I do if I don't have a product to sell?” This is a very common question we hear, and today we'll answer it. In fact, it's possible to go from idea to income in less than a week. During this episode you'll also discover:

5 Ways the “Fear of Missing Out” Causes You to Miss out

Have you heard of this thing called FOMO? It's a popular buzzword with entrepreneurs these days, and it stands for the “Fear Of Missing Out”. The idea behind FOMO is that we say yes to everything that comes our way, because we're afraid if we say no to something we will miss out on an opportunity.

7 Things That Inspire, Educate, and Encourage Me

I've been enjoying Tim Ferriss's “5-Bullet Friday” emails. If you don't receive that weekly email, you should sign up for it here.

Why You Must Attain Rising Star Status (And How To Do It)

Mike Kim is a specialist in personal branding, a marketing expert, and an extraordinarily talented copywriter. He's also a member of my private Regency Mastermind – a remarkable, small group of people doing Big Things. ~ Ray Edwards

#180: 5 Profit Poachers That Murder Your Business

There are 5 Murderous “Profit Poachers” that are on a merciless mission: to kill your business. The good news? Simply knowing about them can stop the cash-killers in their tracks. During this episode you'll discover:

Selling From the Dark Side: Is Fear-Based Copy Morally Wrong?

In the copywriting class I’m currently teaching (the now-closed Copywriting Academy), one question has come up several times during our Q&A sessions. The question is posed a little differently each time, but is accurately summarized this way: “Is it morally wrong to sell based on fear as a motivation?”

#179: 3 Powerful Pleasant Ways To Say No

It can be hard to say “NO”. Here are 3 powerful ways to say “NO” pleasantly.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton In a Fistfight?

It seems like that's the kind of spectacle the media would give us, if they could. But the upcoming US Presidential Election is not a game, and it is not entertainment.


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