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Einstein On Mistakes

#192: Donald Miller On Selling With Stories

Would you like the closest thing to a “silver bullet” when it comes to marketing your business? Here it is: tell good stories.

Dreams Create The Future

My Essential Podcast List

Ever since I read the book Essentialism, I have been engaged in “the disciplined pursuit of less”. As the book’s author, Greg McKeown, explains in this interview with Michael Hyatt and Michele Cushatt, the main point of the book is not simply saying “no” to things. It is, rather, saying “yes” to only the right things. Take podcasts, for instance…

When God Doesn’t Heal

Bill Johnson discusses how he deals with loss, pain and disappointment. What do we do when the healing, the miracle, or the answer to prayer, doesn't come?

#191: 5 Ways To Have Your Customers Want To Receive Your Marketing

Does you marketing make it past the trash can (or the delete key)? Probably not. Here's how to fix that.

#190: The 7 Pillars of Maximum Competitive Advantage

Is your business built like a diving board – with only one support underneath? Or is it built like the Parthenon, which has stood for thousands of years because of its strength?

5 Failings That Kill Your Business

Most failed businesses don't die – they commit suicide. I am watching an aquaintace of mine (let's call him Stewart) commit business suicide right now. And it's slow, agonizing business suicide, inflicting the maximum amount of pain and agony in the process.

#189: Cliff Ravenscraft Interview

Today we interview Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man. Cliff explains…

#188: The Secret System For Explosive Business Growth

Today’s show is another “special edition”, where we will dive deep into the mechanics of how to build a remarkable business. In this episode, you'll get…

#186: The Greatest Persuasion Secret Known To Humanity

What if I told you the greatest persuasion secret known to humanity could be summed up in a single sentence? And that it is so dangerously powerful, we almost deleted this episode? It's true.

#187: The Top 10 Questions About Copywriting (BONUS EPISODE)

Yes, this is the second podcast this week – consider it a free bonus, included with your regular subscription. No extra charge.

The Most Successful Sales Letter You’ve Never Heard Of

On a sunny day one late afternoon two copywriters graduated from the same copywriting school. These two copywriters were roughly the same age, with roughly the same writing ability. They had both been trained by the same copywriting instructors in the art and science of writing to sell and persuade. Both were filled with dreams of becoming rich by writing ads to sell products and services.

#185: 5 Profit Producing Truths Copywriters Know (And You Don’t)

There are 5 bedrock truths that all great copywriters know. After hearing this episode, you will know them too. During this show you'll also discover…

Words Can Hurt You

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This is what our parents told us when we were young, probably crying because someone said something mean to us. We knew even then this business about words never hurting us was a lie.

#184: Why Copywriting Is the Most Valuable Skill in Any Business

I believe that for most businesses, the most valuable skill you can learn is writing copy. It can make the difference between profit or bankruptcy. During this show you'll also discover…


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