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Fast & Easy List Building


Sunday, December 11, 2022


Ray Edwards

I get a lot of questions asking how to build a list and do it quickly.

Actually, it's a lot easier to build a list than you might think.

The fact is the techniques of list-building are really quite simple.

These three tactics will help you to build your list quickly:

Use a “squeeze page”. I find that, while everyone seems to know about the effectiveness of a squeeze page, few are actually doing it, or if they are, they're not using a true squeeze page. You must admit, it takes a little bit of backbone to say, “You don't get to see anything until you give me your e-mail address!” I promise you, though, use a squeeze page and you'll get subscribers, and you'll build your list. If you look at my squeeze page for Ray Edwards Copywriting, you'll see that I don't even offer an ethical bribe to get people to opt-in, yet my conversion rate for this page is about 38%.

Do “ad swaps” with other list owners. Look for people with ads in their e-zines, contact them and say, “Hey, I have an e-zine, too! How about we trade ads?” Then, you run an ad for their list and they run an ad for your list. Or, if they don't offer ads (or you don't offer ads), simply contact them and say, “I would like to promote your email newsletter to my subscribers, would you do the same for me?” In your e-mail newsletter, then, you just write a little paragraph that says, “I've discovered a great newsletter that I think you'd enjoy. Here's the link.” This, by the way, is one of the best and fastest ways to build your list. I know, I know, it's too easy. But, it works.

Look for opt-ins through forum postings. You can post good content to forums. Many forums will allow you to add text to your signature line. Try something simple, like “To get my ‘Seven Tips on List Building', click here”. That link leads readers directly to your opt-in page. Make sure you have a decent ethical bribe to offer – a special report, audio clip, video clip, a .pdf, even free software. Don't subscribe to any forums? Now may be the time to start! All you need is twenty minutes a day. Use that time to check out ten forums, add quality posts, answer any questions, and include your signature line link. This really works – I get new subscribers every day from this method, and I don't even have time to post to forums anymore.

Want more information about the quickest ways to build your list?

I recommend Tellman Knudson's List-Building Club.


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