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78-Year Old Bank Teller Foils Robbery


Sunday, December 11, 2022


Ray Edwards

Friday in Allentown, a robber walks into a Wachovia bank branch in Allentown, PA.

Intends to rob the place.

Picks a 78-year old bank teller as his target. I guess he figured she would be a pushover.

Boy was he wrong.

Our Spunky Septuagenarian, whose name is Helen Roth, gave the robber a piece of her mind – but didn't give him ANY money.

She told him to scram.

And that's what he did.

Here's The Million-Dollar Question

I wonder… if it was me, would I have done what Helen did?

What about you?

Sometimes all we can do in a scary situation is the brave thing. That's what Helen did.

And you know what? This danged recession is just like that robber.

Wants to take our money. Unfairly.

Already has taken some people's jobs and businesses.

But in my heart of hearts, I don't believe we need to give in. I think the WRONG ANSWER is to start shaking in our boots, handing over the money bags to Mr. Recession as if he were a gun-toting bank robber.

Because there ARE answers, Faithful Reader.

How To Deal With A Robber Named Recession

In today's world, you have a power never available in previous recessions – you have the Internet.

You can start a new business on the Internet. With less than $100.

There are dozens of ways to make a very good living online. Such as:

•Sell information (how-to guides, etc.)
•Sell services (web design, writing, programming, etc.)
•Open your own store in the world's biggest mall (eBay)
•Hang out your shingle as a consultant.

And the list could be much longer, but you get the idea.


You can save your EXISTING business using the power of the Internet. No traditional advertising required. How?

Just use some basic direct response techniques to give your business a “cash infusion”. (This is a bit more complex than the first option I mentioned, but there's plenty of information out there on the danged ol' Internet on how to do this, much of it on this very blog, and teaching you that stuff was not the point of this missive anyway).

So what is my point?


Stop trembling behind the counter.

Stop making excuses (“I'm too old”… “it's not fair”… “I don't know what to do”…) and just, if I may be permitted, have some guts.

If the recession is robbing YOU of sleep, peace of mind, or money…

…look that robber in the eye and say, “Not today, Mister. Get outta here!”

Helen will applaud you.

And so will I.

‘Nuff Said,



Ray Edwards

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