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Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Question to ponder: as a Christian businessperson or entrepreneur, do you believe that the things you say you believe are really real?

It's an important question that deserves your attention. Dr. Bill Bright said, “The Christian life, according to the claims and promises of God's Holy, inspired word, is meant to be an exciting adventure, an abundant, fruitful life, characterized by the supernatural.”

Does that make you a little uneasy? Do you see this proven out in your own life and in your own business?

One of the most disturbing things about the life of the modern Christian is the way it seems to differ so little from the lives of people who are not believing Christians. Divorce rates are the same, family problem rates are the same, financial failure are the same for the majority of Christians as it is for unbelievers.

It's not true in all cases.

For those who really believe God's Word, and receive the gifts of grace that are available to all of us through Jesus Christ, we can experience changed lives and success in every way.

This includes — perhaps especially — our business lives. A believing Christian who is truly receiving the grace of Jesus Christ, and following Him, will experience good success. The choice deals will come your way, the right contacts will come into your life, you'll be preferred over other vendors for the prime project.

Are you trusting God's wisdom for your business decisions? Are you regularly going to Him with questions about strategy and tactics in your business? Are you asking Him for His favor so that you can be a blessing to others when you are blessed?

The world is watching. They want to see Christians with changed lives. They want to see believers who have been transformed by the power of God. The reason they want to see these things is because… they hope to be able to get that kind of life for themselves.

This is how we “make disciples of all nations.”

My admonition to you: start believing, start receiving, and start fulfilling God's commission on your life.

The world is counting on us!


Ray Edwards

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