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Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

This week's episode is about America's next big crisis and how to prepare for it.

I'm not an economist, but I do study many experts and most of them are saying that America is headed for a crisis…a perfect economic storm brought on by lack of retirement savings and an aging population whose ability to work is diminishing.

“But Ray…aren't you usually the positive thinking, ‘look on the bright side' kind of guy? What's with this fear talk?”

I AM a positive thinker…But I am not one who ignores reality. I don't think it takes an expert to know that millions of people exhausting their savings, borrowing against their home equity, and exiting the marketplace is going to cause hardship in the not-so-distant future. BUT – there IS a bright side – One of the brightest I've ever seen! I'll share it with you in this week's episode.


[00:51] The next problem we should be prepared for
[01:28] Part One: The coming American Economic Crisis
[02:43] The 3 forces fueling the crisis
[05:55] My 5 Part Action Plan to prepare
[06:01] Eliminate debt
[06:34] Minimize taxes and expenses
[08:00] Diversify your income streams
[09:08] Define your MVP (Minimum Viable Prosperity)
[10:23] Maximize your ability to produce income
[11:34] Taking advantage of new opportunities
[13:05] Why start a business now?
[14:21] Here's how you do it
[15:22] Who are the most successful creators?
[16:48] Mastering the greatest business skill
[17:35] But…I'm not a salesperson
[19:36] Earn while you learn
[22:17] How to make it work
[22:52] Get started right away


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