6 Link Saturday 003

I still haven't figured out a naming convention for these posts. Suggestions welcome. Here are my 6 Links for this week…

6 Link Saturday – What Captivates Me Now

These are my “Six Links for Saturday”. Interesting and fun stuff I like to share. These posts take a surprising amount of work to assemble, so if you appreciate this, please comment, share, or in some other way let me know it's worth the effort.

7 Things That Inspire, Educate, and Encourage Me

I've been enjoying Tim Ferriss's “5-Bullet Friday” emails. If you don't receive that weekly email, you should sign up for it here.

Access to My Top Secret Toolbox

I'd like to give you my list of top secret tools, apps, sites, and books that I use to run my personal platform business. While some of these are common knowledge, others I have not spoken about publicly before now. Certainly I have not published so definitive a list. I'll give you the download link as a gift, when you complete my new Reader Survey. Click here to take the survey now.

Book Review: The Suicide Of The West, by Richard Koch and Chris Smith

I picked up this challenging little book, Suicide of the West, expecting a well-crafted but familiar volume on the virtues that founded the West, and the clamorous warning that we have abandoned those virtues.

Why I Ditched the Sony NEX-7 Mirrorless Camera System

I recently began a serious pursuit of digital photography. My first investment in a “real camera” was the Sony NEX-7. I bought it primarily on the recommendation of Trey Ratcliff, who is responsible for the popularity of HDR photography. He offers an incredibly helpful and thorough video tutorial on how he creates his stunning photographs. Check it out here.

Reader Survey Results For 2014

I promised you that as soon as we finished our First Annual Reader Survey, I would report the results to you.

5 Interesting Blog Posts

Here are some updates on what you might've missed recently on the blog…

The Week’s Posts, Gathered

Wow – what a fun week! We ushered in the unofficial start of summer, actually saw some sunshine here in the Northwest, and Google unleashed another Panda on the web.

The Week’s Posts, Gathered

Another busy week here at our secret headquarters, and here are the posts from the past week, conveniently gathered in one place just for you.

10 Must-Read Blog Posts (That I Didn’t Write)

From time to time, the question arises: “Ray, what blogs do you read?”

Top Posts And Commentors For April-May 2012

Here are my top 10 commentors for April-May 2012. Each of them will receive access to one of my online training courses.

Memorial Day Thank You To Veterans

We call this Memorial Day. For many in the United States, it marks the unofficial beginning of summer. It is a day for cookouts, time with family, and perhaps the 1st outing of the season in the boat.

The Unbearable Heaviness Of Stuff

My wife and I recently returned from a four-month extended trip in our motorhome.

Top Posts And Commentors For March 2012

Here are my top 10 posts from March 2012, along with my top 10 commentors.

Free Book Giveaway

One of my goals for this website is that it not only be a platform from which I can talk about my ideas; also important to me is growing a community of people.


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