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5 Interesting Blog Posts


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Here are some updates on what you might've missed recently on the blog…

Are you doing all of your marketing wrong? The old-school marketing mindset was all about “value extraction”. In other words, how could the marketer extract the maximum amount of money from the customers bank account? There is a new way of marketing… It's much more effective, much less expensive, and everybody wins. Click here to listen to the podcast on “Why You Should Use Value Creation Marketing”…

I read 3 to 4 books per week, on average. Clearly, I don't review every one of them on this blog. But occasionally I read one that is so special I feel compelled to share it with you. Such is the case with “80/20 Sales and Marketing”. In this brief review, I supply 10 good reasons why you need to buy a copy of Perry Marshall's new book right away. Click here to read the 10 good reasons.

You’ve heard it before. The problem that holds you back is not lack of information. You already know what to do – but you don’t do what you know.But the big question is, why don't we do what we know? I actually know the answer, and I supply it in this podcast episode. Click here to listen.

I tackled a pretty big issue in episode number 75 of the podcast: does God want us to prosper, or does he want us to be poor? How do we reconcile being a follower of Jesus, but wanting to succeed in the world? Is it possible to do both? I have a definitive, clear-cut answer. You may not like it. But after listening to this episode you will have no doubt where I stand. Click here to listen now.

Finally, this week a man emailed me to ask me a tough question. “I was listening to your message.My wife and I are Christians for many years. We both believe that God will and can prosper us. But we have no more money. I have no job. We have debt. My wife has diabetes. We believe in healing, but we have not seen it. We believe in prosperity, but we are broke. We believe in it, but it is not working.” Click here to read my answer.

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you. I look at the blog as less a broadcast platform for me, and more of a community for us. That only works if you make your voice heard; so if any of these posts stir something inside you, please share it in the comments. I read every single comment myself, and reply to many.


Ray Edwards

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