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The Simple “4-Legged Stool” of Internet Marketing


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

I've already hinted at this. But let me spell it out very clearly.

When you get right down to it, this business is so simple it's almost funny.

To sell stuff online here's all you have to do… think of these as four legs of a stool.

Without one of the legs, the stool is wobbly and unreliable. But with all four legs, your business cannot just survive… but actually THRIVE.

ONE: Market Finding

The first leg of the stool is: you simply find a market where people are unusually passionate, and where they already spend a lot of money. Then you look into what they are actually buying. Identify the top products and see what their commonalities are. Also look for the unique features of each of top products.

TWO: Product Creation

Now combine the common elements, compile all the unique ones... and create a product that includes all these things plus your own new ideas. Now you have a product that is the slightly better than the other products at the top of the market. There are simple and easy ways to create the product yourself. And there are cheap, quick ways to have someone else do it, if that's what you prefer.

THREE: Traffic

Getting Next, you need to get your product seen by the people who will be interested in it. You can do this by recruiting some affiliates (not that hard to do really), by using Pay Per Click ads through Google, buying cheap but effective banner ads, and any one of a dozen other strategies and tactics. It's NOT HARD. It' just takes a LITTLE time & effort.

FOUR: Conversion

Finally you need to be able to turn those visitors into buyers. This comes down to good copywriting. There are some good books on the subject, there are some great courses available (I have one that I sell, for instance – one of each, book and course), and you can even buy templates where you just fill in the blanks.

Then you test what works. Simple.

With those “four legs” under you… and the determination that you simply won't quit until you succeed…

…you'll do fine!


Ray Edwards

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