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Cool Tools For Cheap (Or Free)


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

There is so much cheap (or free) stuff available, and lots of it is so good, I intend to make this a semi-regular feature (unless I get loads of reader feedback saying “no thanks”). Here are 5 cool tools that you can really use – and they're all super-cheap… or free.

100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written
Need inspiration for a marketing promotion? Or how about a killer blog post title? Check out this free resource:

Grab Audio From YouTube Videos
I'm more of an audio-listener than I am a video-watcher. So when I found a site that allows you to take the audio from YouTube videos and make it into MP3s, I was overjoyed.

Your Ultimate Personal Reader
Imagine you're a powerful CEO, and you have hired a personal reader. This person's job is: read everything important about your industry, then summarize and condense those hundreds of stories, articles, and publications into a quick email for you. How much do you think that would cost? How about… free?

(There's a more powerful, “secret” use for this site. Maybe we'll talk about it soon…)

Media Lists
If you want to get the word out about you and your business, media is the fastest way to do it. While this is not free, it's cheap in comparison to the power it gives you (the ability to reach out for 24,000 media outlets).

Video Playlist Maker
What if you could find 10 great videos on YouTube – about any subject – and make them into a single “movie feature” on your own website? So you could, in just a few clicks, create a move player on your website like the “10 Best Inspirational Speeches Of All Time”… and what if you could do it without any techno-knowledge or programming?

Now go check out these tools, have some fun… maybe even use your noodle and figure out how to make some money, improve your work or service, become more productive, or simplify your life using them.


Ray Edwards

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