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3 Sexy Ways to Build Websites That Sell


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

If you're discouraged about building a website for your new business or idea, there really is little excuse for delaying your project.

The days when you had to be a programmer or a “code monkey” to get your site built are long gone (no disrespect to programmers, whom I love dearly). Here are three sexy little tools that make building a website that sells a total snap (or at least a bit less onerous):

Marketer's CMS. This neat little system uses WordPress as the foundation for website that sells, and is the first system I know of that makes doing so as easy as one–two–three. Watch the video.

Wishlist Member. This is an add-on system for WordPress (which means you can use it with Marketer's CMS, above, for a complete solution) that enables your website to have password-protected membership levels. And you can charge foe these different levels. So, for instance, you could have most of your content available for free, but certain high-level content could be “for pay”. Wishlist handles taking your payments, setting people up with accounts including usernames and passwords, and checking to make sure your member's accounts are paid up before allowing them to see premium content. This brief description doesn't really do this software justice; again, to fully appreciate its value I suggest watching the video.

Google Sites. This is a drop-dead-simple website building system that allows you to build great websites in a flash. Highly recommended. Plus, a friend of mine built the templates that accompany this free tool-and they are awesome! Click here for Google Sites.

Now go build some websites!


Ray Edwards

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