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How to Thrive In a Turbulent Economy


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Yes, there is chaos in the marketplace. The economy can be described as turbulent. But that doesn’t matter.

There is no reason for you, my entrepreneurial friend, to fear the storm. Bedrock principles will keep you on course. Here are seven keys to thriving even in a turbulent economy…

1. Faith. You will receive what you believe. Carefully guard where you are placing your faith. It makes a difference.
2. Foundations. Most people crumble when their core values are challenged-because they never made those values a conscious decision. Most of us simply inherit our values and beliefs from our family and friends. Make yours a choice. Don’t just know what you believe, know why you believe it.
3. Family. After your connection to your Creator, the most important link to your ultimate success is your family. Even if you have no family, as it is traditionally understood.
4. Friends. How you relate to friends-even how you define that word-is of vital importance to how effective you will be in the world. Especially in the world of business.
5. Focus. What you focus on expands. If your constant focus is on the negativity and the chaos of the environment around you, expect to see more of the same. Take responsibility for what goes on inside your head.
6. Finances. Business is a game won (or lost) by the numbers. The rules are simple: make money, save money, spend as little as possible.
7. Fun. Make it a goal to be more joyful than all of your companions. Joy is magnetic, and draws people to you. It has the added benefit of drawing cheerful people to you, helping eliminate the “Eeyore Factor” from your life.


Ray Edwards

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