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3 Things I Learned From Losing $200 Million


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

No, it’s not like I had a bag with $200 Million Dollars and left it at the bus depot. But today, I’m going to share with you what turned out to be the 3 Primary Lessons I Learned From Losing $200 Million Dollars.

• How to face your reality in relation to money.
• Uncover the well-kept secret all wealthy people know (and poor people don’t).
• Discover the one key factor that’s proven to determine destiny.

Should we love the Giver rather than the Gift?



No gadget…no gizmo…just a fact that blew me away. The fantasy football market generates 70 billion dollars a year. Think about this astounding fact and send us three profound marketing truths embedded and implied in this statement. We will send a prize to the first astute marketer who emails us three profound marketing truths based on the fantasy football league market. (No, it’s not a Ferrari.) Send to


“Love the Giver and not the gift” — How your philosophy and your faith are influenced by your view of the Gift and the Giver.

Altruism, vending machines, and prostitution, so what’s that got to do with my spiritual foundation? Is charity bad?

Selfless motivation, self-interest, and altruism — Why what you think about these terms underlies your view of yourself, others, and God.

Selfish brute or selfless doormat — Uncovering the two historical ethics options and considering the possibility of others.

Why did Jesus make the ultimate sacrifice? — Rethinking it all, was it really the Ultimate Sacrifice?

Ayn Rand, “The question is not should you give the homeless man some money, but do you have the right to exist if you don’t?”

Feature Presentation “3 Things I Learned From Losing $200 Million“

How social security, deep debt, 100 extra lbs., and a timer ticking on my health finally jolted me to take action. [18:00]

“It stops here!” — Why putting an end to toleration is the first step toward transformation. [20:22]

NO, it doesn’t matter what you make — How this one shift in thinking will transform your life now (and impact your future). [21:45]

Why keeping up appearances keeps you poor — How to embrace becoming wealthy and finally realize that income is fantasy. [22:40]

The one deal you should NEVER make — Why it seems so tempting, yet save yourself the headache because it’s always a disaster. [23:38]

How your three brains impact your thinking in ways you never realized — Why knowing it in your “head” is not enough. [24:24]

The difference between the poor and the wealthy — Why one key principle separates the haves and the have-nots. [26:15]

If your house is re-possessable then you need to realize you’re poor — How to shift your view and put every dollar to work for you. [26:48]

The desire formula — Why understanding the root word “sire” helps you uncover the unexpected origin of your pure desires. [29:10]

Your desires are imprinted on you as possibilities by your Creator — Why some people think because you desire it that is enough (really, how’s that working for you?). [31:00]

How Christians embrace superstitions and mystical ways by evading reality — Why you can believe in the power of prayer (even if you’re rational you can still believe in miracles.). [32:18]

Uncovering why destiny is not magical (even though most people mistakenly believe this …especially Christians). [33:00]

Discover the “good works prepared for you before you were born” — Why most will not fulfill their potential. [35:58]

The one thing that determines your destiny — The famous D word we all avoid yet it strongly impacts everything in your life. [35:36]

Are you guilty of sitting on the couch waiting for God to make things happen?” — Why God gets a bad rap and how to change your thinking about God. [37:00]


Ayn Rand
Francis Bacon

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