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How to Have a Whole New Life in 2020


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

This week, Tiffany and I welcome our team member Dr. Douglas Pew onto the podcast.

We wanted to talk to Doug during this time of the year when most people are thinking about the new year, the goals they’re going to set, and the new person they want to become.

Doug has had quite a journey over the last year. You may have heard some of his stories on previous episodes of the podcast, but we’ve never gone this deep into his origins story, his depression spiral, and the lengths he’s gone to reinvent himself.



Tune in to discover…

([0:50]) Why Tiffany decided it was time to start an Instagram Stories blog and why she’s so brilliant at it. (One of my favorite books inspired her to finally get started.)
([2:45]) What causes most online business owners to get lost and eventually give up. (Most of them are so close to success but don’t recognize the simple secret to finally achieving it.)
([5:05]) The only way to actually achieve anything in life. (It’s one of those F-words almost everyone is terrified to experience, but it’s the shove off the pool-deck we all need to succeed.)
([8:05]) Why a sales letter I wrote pissed-off Doug SO much and why he decided to borrow over $10k as a result. (He even printed it out and, as he says, “couldn’t stop reading that stupid thing!”)
([13:37]) The frustrating circumstances that caused Doug to gain over 100 pounds in a year (and cut and run from a fantastic home-base for his music career in Cincinnati).
([17:25]) How Doug’s music brain latched onto the idea of copywriting and lit his mind on fire. (He finally started to believe he could make it as a copywriter.)
([22:33]) Why the choice to jump into the deep end and become a certified copywriter and a member of my mastermind gave Doug the rocket fuel to launch his new life. (Only a year later, he’s doing something he never thought possible.)
([26:33]) What the “road less traveled” really does when you finally decide to take it with ALL your faith and focus. (It’s often scary, it’s unfamiliar, but what happens to your mindset and your potential for success is remarkable.)
([31:04]) How I learned that positive thinking and affirmations DON’T work. Learning and applying this caused me to want to share it with you. You can watch a FREE workshop all about it at

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Today’s show was produced by Kris Edwards with show notes and worksheets by Doug Pew and Juan Lopez.

Until we meet again may you prosper in all things: health, wealth, and wisdom. Now go live your most prosperous life.

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