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The Fun Formula With Joel Comm


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

This episode is so much fun! Joel is one of my oldest and best friends in internet marketing, and he just wrote a book called The Fun Formula. He’s an icon in the online business world. He sold one of his early companies to Yahoo for a boatload of money. And he’s one of the happiest, most fun people in the online business space I’ve known in my lifetime. There’s a lot to learn from how Joel approaches life these days. You’re gonna love him!

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Tune in to my conversation with Joel to learn…

([2:45]) How he uses his “follow your fun” method to live life as if he’s building sandcastles on the beach every day. He’s had ups and downs, like we all do, but he’s never been in the red and doesn’t worry about his finances month-to-month.
([6:15]) How Joel realized his marketing was working, and how it got him into some of the coolest “guru” circles in the online business space. Before he knew it, he was being invited to hang out with the big boys even though they’d never met.
([12:15]) What he would do if he had the opportunity to meet “the Donald” (as he calls POTUS) in the Oval Office. This “pedestal” principle is so refreshing and reminds us of some of the most important facets of our common humanity.
([13:20]) How “micro-celebrity” at marketing conferences can quickly inflate your head. What to do when someone approaches you while you’re doing your business in the restroom, and how to handle guys who leave without washing their hands.
([17:34]) The 3 things the “fun formula” is based on, and how they lead to every one of Joel’s projects, even his wildly popular iFart app. He has a unique way of seeing what’s coming the way he saw the iPhone boom right from the start.
([20:43]) Joel’s 7 business home runs and how they happened. They include…

•A licensing deal with a Japanese company before online licensing deals were really a thing.
•An internet gaming service that sold to an online titan for over 7 figures. One of the first coupon bargain hunting sites.
•2 editions of a book that make over $10,000 in the first week and became a New York Times bestseller.
•One of the first successful reality shows ever.
•An iPhone app that became the #1 app in the world and entered pop culture… it was dubbed “the stink heard around the world.”
•A new media channel focused on the adventures of cryptocurrency.

([26:40]) How using a Tom Hanks movie release rocketed Joel’s “Adsense Code” book to the New York Times bestseller list. And it wasn’t one of those fake NY Times bestsellers where some black hat company was hired to rig the ranking. His book is the real deal.
([28:00]) Joel’s secret formula for finding the fascists among us. They’re all around and they have a telltale signature.
([33:05]) Why focusing one path and continuing to pound on doors that are currently closed to you until they open is foolish. How to find other paths and other ways to success by going against conventional wisdom.
([36:05]) Why Joel got rid of 90% of his possessions and how it’s freed him. The ever–more–insidious trap of keeping up with the Joneses and how Joel ignores it all and lives the lifestyle of his choice.
([39:05]) How Joel traveled to 7 cities across 3 continents in the last 2 months. How he’s been hired to do speaking gigs, influencer gigs, and media gigs with huge companies, including Alibaba.
([41:55]) Why one of the bestselling Twitter authors believes social media has become something more detrimental than helpful
. The curious fact that Facebook was launched the day after the CIA announced it was closing down its LifeLog program, which was a program that tracked all American citizens' online activity.
([46:15]) The 2 pieces of advice Joel has for people in their 40s or 50s who want to free themselves fromtheir corporate jobs. It’s so simple and comes down to asking 2 crucial questions in the right place at the right time. The kind of questions people will pay to solve.


Links mentioned on today’s show:

•To learn more about Joel, visit his website at
•And if you want to learn more about his new book, The Fun Formula, go here to check it out:
•Here is the “Take Action” Worksheet:


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