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Interview With Chris Hogan


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

This week I’m talking with the amazing Chris Hogan about his new book, Everyday Millionaires.


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Spiritual Foundations:

I see posts on social media asking that the 10 Commandments be reposted in our courthouses and schools.

I think we should consider a different scriptural passage to post in these important places. It’s one of the most powerful teachings ever.

Listen in to find out which scripture it is and why I think it would make the world a better place.

Feature Presentation:

I welcome #1 bestseller, speaker, teacher, and coworker of Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan. In our conversation, you’ll discover…

•([2:40]) The secret to his incredible success in life and business. It started with his grade-school teachers and coaches and continues into his work today.

•([3:20]) Why Chris feels it’s so important to help as many people as he can. Unlike many “big name” influencers, he gives credit where credit is due and leads with one of my favorite attributes. In his opinion, any successful person who ignores this attribute is totally delusional.

•([4:20]) The one thing many people consider a weakness that could be the most important element in your personal development if you’ll let it
. It gives you a foundation and frame of reference you can’t get in any other way.

•([6:01]) What self-awareness, even if you’re incredibly successful, can do to keep you grounded and moving forward in the face of challenge. It’s the main reason I belong to a mastermind where I am the least successful member of the group.

•([7:05]) How Chris went from humble circumstances growing up with a single mom in Kentucky to where he is now
. His new book teaches how the American Dream is not dead and how it’s alive to anyone who’s willing to grab onto it and do the work.

•([9:02]) Chris’s definition of a “millionaire.” Hint: it’s not what you think. But you can use Chris’s free tool on his website to see how close you are to being an everyday millionaire.

•([11:10]) Why so many wealthy people have amazing stories of overcoming HUGE obstacles in their lives. And Chris doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Rather, it’s a key variable in the success equation.

•([12:45]) 4 things all people who conquer big challenges have in common
. Why almost everyone who faces the same challenges without these 4 things almost always crack under the pressure.

•([16:05]) The biggest myth Chris busts in his new book. It explains why most people are dead wrong about where the majority of Americans' wealth comes from.

•([18:28]) What Chris’s book will do for you that no other book can. One of the several unique tools he provides is a list of attributes the 10,000 millionaires he and his team studied have in common.

•([21:45]) The one thing Chris wants you to know above all others
. Whether you come from poverty or riches, success or failure, you can put his advice to the test and have amazing results!


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