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Authentic Health With Dr. Gus Vickery


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

On today’s episode, I am interviewing Dr. Gus Vickery, a doctor in North Carolina and the author of the book Authentic Health. As a part of his practice, he goes deep down in his patient’s history and blood work to find an individualized plan for them so they can live their healthiest life and possibly reverse their diseases. And he did this for me. Listen on to hear my test results and what he suggests.


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[4:14] Dr. Vickery talks about how he came to know me.

[6:08] Why Dr. Vickery wrote Authentic Health.

[6:50] The diseases that we think are normative, may be curable.

[8:30] The major pillar of the book: finding your meaning or calling, to make it easier to correct your behavior.

[9:40] How we can change our bad habits.

[11:38] Is big pharma evil?

[12:40] Overall, pharmaceutical companies are just selling products to a marketplace to help people with their diseases.

[15:45] Doctors do not have time to give the education a patient needs to become truly healthy.

[17:00] Food companies design processed foods to be addictive, and they do give you poor health.

[19:58] Freeing yourself from diseases does not mean you will lose all the weight you need to.

[20:50] Some diseases that we treat with medications are reversible.

[22:44] Having an individualized health plan is the best way for all humans to achieve optimal health.

[25:18] There are the foundational principles for all people that will make them healthy, but because of the .3% difference in our DNA and our different histories, we must do some different things that every other human.

[27:00] Most people are reading articles and just guessing what they should be doing to be healthy, but that may not be best for them.

[29:00] Everyone should have this kind of in-depth testing at some point in their lives.

[31:00] Dr. Vickery goes through my specific results and shares what he is suggesting for me and my health.


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