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How to Get Clients Now


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Today on the show, we talk about how to get clients now and the 3 pillars of building a copywriting business. We also do Q&A with Ray where my assistant, Tiffany, asks me some questions that you may or may not want to know the answers to.


Spiritual Foundations

•[8:00] There is a passage in James that says you are not supposed to be boasting about tomorrow. Does this mean we shouldn’t have goals?

•[9:05] Choose goals that are challenging and stretch you but that are realistic.

•[10:34] You should talk about what you are planning to do, God willing. Is this correct?

•[12:30] You do not know what tomorrow holds.

•[16:17] James was addressing a specific group to the people at the time. That doesn’t mean
that it doesn’t apply now.

•[17:50] Send your thoughts about this on an MP3 file to

Tip of the Week

Just Press Record

You just press a big red button to talk and then you just hit “transcribe.”

You can also share the file and transcript with other people.

Feature Presentation “How to Get Clients Now”

3 Pillars of Starting a Copywriting Business

1. Do the most lucrative form of writing: direct response sales copy.
2. Get good at writing copy: study and get feedback from someone who knows what they are doing.
3. Get clients.

So how do you do this?

1. Be so good they can’t ignore you.
2. Alienate the right people. Figure out who your perfect client is, and talk to them.
3. Tell client success stories. If you don’t have any, get some!


Go to seminars and workshops for the area you specialize in.

And now, Tiffany leads us where angels fear to tread:

•My bad habit: Oreo McFlurries.
•What is in my bag? My camera: Canon M50.
•My story of how I decided I wanted to write.
•My earliest happy memory: pooping.
•I would rather not restart my life; I would rather continue my life.


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