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Now for Something Completely Different


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Today’s podcast is completely different than anything I have done in the past. Today, you get to listen in as my executive assistant, Tiffany Laughter-Twining, and my personal assistant, Adriane Allred, interview me. They’re asking me all the toughest, most personal questions come from you, O Constant Listener. I somehow suspect they slipped in a question or two of their own as well. Expect to be entertained and surprised.


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In this shockingly open conversation, you’ll hear…

•[01:26] Where does Ray do his grocery shopping, and how much is his grocery budget?
•[01:53] Is it true Ray has a cook?
•[02:43] What’s going on with Ray – he dresses differently, wears a lot of black, is getting tattoos… is Ray having a midlife crisis?
•[03:02] What is this thing Ray calls his “awakening” – and what part does Parkinson’s disease play in it?
•[05:01] How much was Ray paid to speak in Hong Kong – and why did he agree to do it?
•[06:25] How is it possible Ray seems younger than he did 3 years ago?
•[06:40] How far will Ray continue pushing boundaries – and what boundaries will he push next?
•[07:01] What miraculous truth has Ray discovered about aging, youth, energy, and life?
•[08:16] Why was Ray antisocial from a young age, and how has he only recently begun to change all that?
•[10:22] What role has Cards Against Humanity played in his social awakening?
•[11:45] What does Ray think about all the “heat” he’s gotten from fellow Christians about his tattoo?
•[12:27] Why does Ray have a problem with the term “Christian”? Does he even still follow Jesus?
•[15:03] What is the place Ray calls “Hogwarts for Christians”?
•[16:01] Whose cult is right?
•[17:04] Why did Ray choose the owl for the design of his tattoo?
•[18:04] The most embarrassing thing that’s happened Ray in the last year – and his surprising response to the question.
•[20:03] The most favorite of all Ray’s Uber rides.
•[22:01] The Uber ride that changed one person’s life.
•[23:02] The one question Tiffany thought Ray would not answer – has he ever done drugs, and if so, which drugs?
•[25:50] What are Ray’s “guilty pleasure” TV shows and movies.
•[27:45] What does Ray watch when he’s alone in a hotel room? (It’s not what you think…)
•[29:01] In what areas is Ray experiencing personal growth?
•[33:03] What boundaries Ray is consciously pushing.
•[34:02] What things did Ray once shy away from speaking plainly about in public – but now he’s not careful or guarded about what he says.
•[36:11] Why Ray confounds Evangelicals, churchy people, and yet loves and values them all.
•[37:26] Ways in which Ray is pushing physical boundaries – and why?
•[38:30] Assumptions people make about Ray he would like to correct.
•[39:03] Ray briefly considers becoming a criminal mastermind…
•[40:03] Ray’s real view about profanity.
•[41:06] How often is Ray recognized while traveling, and how does he feel about it.
•[42:15] Ray plays 3 rounds of “Would You Rather?”
•[45:23] Why Ray wants to spy on the pope.
•[46:23] What would Ray change in his life – and how does he feel about his life right now, as it is?


Ray Edwards

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