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If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It- With Amy Porterfield


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Welcome to the Ray Edwards show and 2019! For the first podcast of the year, I am talking to Amy Porterfield. We tackle life coaches, how to overcome your emotions, how to accept B+ work and why, and how Amy is making significant changes in her business, and you can, too.


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Here are the highlights from today’s show:

[00:12] Intro
[01:01] What is copywriting?
• [02:05] How did you get into this business?
• [04:00] Everything is copy
• [05:30] The P.A.S.T.O.R. Framework
• [17:19] Are women more prone to…
• [18:55] A heart-lead seller
• [20:20] Teach them long division…then sell them a calculator
• [23:04] How is it working for you?
• [23:23] The power of One-to-One selling
• [26:04] How does PASTOR work with social media?
• [30:04] Copy for Facebook…vs Copy for Instagram
• [30:30] Can I be an exceptional communicator…but a bad seller?
• [32:10] What should marketers not do
• [33:50] This is what you meant to say
• [35:35] Bio Copy
• [38:10] Writer's Bl*ck (we don't use that term)
• [41:25] Accidental copy [42:11] It's perfect enough!
• [43:09] Any trends?
• [46:51] When and how do I hire a copywriter?
• [49:34] Tell me about certification
• [52:48] Offering Risk-Free Guarantees


Ray Edwards

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