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How To Become A Blogger


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

If you want to build an effective online presence, gain influence with an audience, ask people to join your cause or buy into your ideas…it all starts with a blog.

In my opinion, there’s nobody better qualified to teach us than my guest on today’s podcast, Leslie Samuel.



Do you believe it’s wrong, or at least tacky, to want to get rich? I’m not even talking about getting rich quick…just wanting to get rich in general. Does that bother you at all? Do you feel a little pang of guilt or fear you might be viewed as being a little cheesy?

As Dave Ramsey says, “There’s a dignity to wealth creation through honorable business that is unlike anything else on Earth.

In this episode I’ll share the real Secret of Wealth Creation…and one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.


I have people ask me all the time about how I started my podcast, and how they should go about starting one the right way. I always tell them, “Cliff Ravenscraft is your guy.” If you’re serious about starting a podcast, then you need to check out Cliff’s Podcasting A to Z course.

This week I have a short talk with my friend Cliff and we go through more details of why Podcasting A to Z is so transformational…but here are some facts that should wet your whistle in the meantime:

•The course has been going strong since March 2011, with over 600 students getting Cliff as their personal coach for 4 weeks.
•You’ll know exactly what equipment to get…and why.
•Have technical questions about how to dial-in your gear? No worries, Cliff has you covered.
•You’ll clearly define your message and the perfect target market
•During those four weeks, the students of Podcasting A to Z get Cliff’s full attention…you are the priority.
•And check this out…Over 600 students have gone through this course, not one single person has ever requested a refund.

If you want to start a podcast, or if you have a podcast and you want to improve it and make it an excellent podcast, this is the way to do it.

Feature Segment: “How To Become A Blogger”

Yes, blogs are still alive. I believe they are still the best way to build a platform, and a business online. I am very excited to introduce you to my friend, Leslie Samuel.

Leslie is a former university professor turned full-time blogger. He is also the host of the “Learning with Leslie” podcast where he teaches about blogging, online business, and entrepreneurship.

Here are some snippets from our conversation about how to become a blogger:

The biology of blogging ([12:06])
Are you experienced? ([14:35])
Teach what you know ([15:24])
It all started when… ([17:07])
Tiny hinges swing big doors ([18:41])
Learning as you go ([21:19])
The Philosophy of Free ([22:57])
Look below the surface ([25:35])
It’s harder than it looks ([27:44])
I thought we talked about this… ([29:39])
If they can do it, so can you ([30:47])
The three biggest mistakes bloggers make ([34:49])
Leaders are readers ([36:31])
The struggle is real ([38:29])
The Piano Man ([39:28])
Words to the Wise ([40:30])

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

•Podcasting A to Z
•Cliff Ravenscraft
•Learning with Leslie podcast
•The Greatest Salesman in the World
•Become a Blogger
•2017 Content Calendar Spreadsheet

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