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The Ethical Side Hustle


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Is it ethical, or even possible, to have a full-time job and also build a business on the side?

This is a big deal for a lot of people who want to pursue their own business without throwing their family into financial chaos by quitting their job. If you’ve wondered about how to honorably engage in a side hustle, then this episode is just for you.


Tip Of The Week

This week’s tip comes courtesy of Cliff Ravenscraft. Public speaking is hard, Ummo makes it easier. Whether you are practicing for a presentation or interested in improving your everyday communication, use Ummo to track your “Umm”s and “Uhh”s, pace, word power, clarity, and more.

Feature Segment: “The Ethical Side Hustle”

My guest this week is Mark Mason from the Late Night Internet Marketing podcast. I’m honored to call Mark my friend, and the more I get to know him, the more I respect him and the vital work he’s doing.

Here are some highlights from our interview:

Why Sean Edwards is like a human hand grenade ([5:45])
The value of being a “Yuck Monkey” ([6:30])
What exactly is Late Night Internet Marketing? ([6:50])
The core belief of the side hustle ([8:10])
Do you have to hate your job to have a side hustle? ([9:10])
The best way to start a side hustle ([11:05])
The epiphany that changed everything ([15:15])
Running a side hustle requires some life hacks ([17:25])
Stay away from the “fluff” ([18:01])
The Free Content Formula ([19:35])
How to succeed through the struggle ([22:08])
Wisely navigating the waters between your day job and your side hustle ([25:01])
Side hustling with a family ([27:11])
Finding the time for your side hustle ([28:52])
The Mother of all Jingles ([30:29])

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Ummo: Your personalized speech coach
Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast with Mark Mason
Free Resource: The Three Most Important Things to Know About SEO
Sean Edwards Blog

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