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#239 Package Your Passion


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

How do you take your life's passion – the thing that lights you up inside, that brings you joy, that makes you come alive – and turn that passion into a book, a product or a business?

Can anyone do it? Should you? How do you do it?


Tip of the Week: How to Triple Your Productivity

The trick is pretty simple: use three times as many monitors.

1.I can keep a resource open on one monitor (research, notes, etc.)
2. My working document on the center monitor.
3. I can keep communication or utilities open on the third monitor.

You can do this rather on the cheap (as I currently am). I use these three: my Macbook Pro 15″ Retina, and two run-of-the-mill 21″ LCD monitors.

And once you decide this really works for you, you can upgrade with a specialized dock (which is what I'm doing next). I recommend you look at the Henge Dock.

Why Henge Dock?

Intelligent. Automated docking and full integration with Mac OS X together make the world’s most intelligent docking station.

Powerful. Support for up to three external displays and 13 expansion ports, including Thunderbolt 2 – your Macbook has never been more powerful.

Elegant. Metal architecture and an elegant design create a natural extension of your MacBook.

Secure. Safeguard your MacBook automatically with password protected dock locking.

Henge Dock for Macbook Pro is $ 449 USD

Feature Segment: Package Your Passion

3 Converging Forces That Make This Possible

1. Global Networks
2. Instant Commerce Systems
3. Digital Distribution

These 3 converging forces make it possible to take your life's passion – the thing that lights you up inside, that brings you joy, that makes you come alive – and turn that passion into a book, a product or a business?

What could you possibly package?What if you “don't have a passion”?

Discover your passion with an “I Exam”:

1. Things you love to do.
2. Things you're good at (other people say so).
3. Things other people pay for that are on lists (1) and (2)

A convergence here gives you a place to start.

The “how” to make the product is NOT THE MAIN ISSUE. It's a detail.

Park the thoughts of tech, and next week, we will explore how to “promote your products.”

How JP Sears “How to be a Life Coach” Help

This is hilarious (coaches, please have a thick skin… have a laugh!)

Watch the video by clicking here. You'll be taken to YouTube.

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