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#209: From Blank Page to Best Seller in 90 Days


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Depending on who you ask, it seems over 90% of people think they “have a book inside”. So why is it that less than 2% of people ever manage to get that book outside? Why is it so many never get that book published, let alone become a best-seller?

My deep-dive Conversation this week is with Chandler Bolt, who has cranked out 5 (yes, five) best-selling books. He has a system for reproducing this result. Reliably. Like clockwork. Chandler reveals exactly what he does, and how he does it. You can do it, too!


In This EPIC Conversation with Chandler Bolt…

•How Chandler went from college dropout to best-selling author in a matter of months.
•The tragedy that led to triumph.
•Why there's never been a better time to become an author.
•The very solid reasons you may want to forget about getting a “traditional” book deal, and self-publish instead.
•What kinds of books sell the most (it's probably not what you think).
•Why this method of writing and publishing will work for you even if you hate writing.
•… and a whole lot more!

How to Get $11,000 Worth of Free Gifts

Chandler's course, Self-Publishing School, opens for registration Friday (January 21, 2016).

This course shows you a proven method for writing your book (even if you don't know what to write about), publishing it, andmaking it a best seller in 90 days.

Chandler actually guarantees it.

Now, if you sign up for his course, using my link (this link) when the doors open Friday…

And if you follow the steps…

And when you write your book, and it becomes a bestseller…

I will do the following for you:

Give you access to my “Success Optimizer”, a one-year coaching program (Value $1,000)

•I will write a review of your book and publish it on my blog, which has over 63,000 readers. (Estimated Value $7,500 — if it were possible to buy this, which it's not).

I'll even do a personal Book Marketing Consultation Session with you. (Value $2,500)

Just make sure you get credit for purchasing Chandler's course through my link Friday, so you get these $11,000 worth of free bonus gifts from me.

(If you click the link before Friday, just put your email address in the form on this page, and Chandler will send you an email the minute the doors open).

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