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#135: How to Live with Joy, Lead with Passion, and Prosper with Purpose [Podcast]


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

The tag line in my logo says “Live with Joy, Lead with Passion, and Prosper with Purpose”. Occasionally someone asks me, “So how to do you that?”

That's what today's episode is all about: answering that question.



I am getting excited about the upcoming Platform Conference in Colorado Springs, starting November 9th. There are still a few seats available, and you can still save $100 when you click here and add the special code RAY to your order.

Plus, Cliff Ravenscraft and I are hosting a special one-day event the day after the Platform Conference. This is a “Day With Cliff and Ray”, and if you're going to be in Colorado Springs for the Platform Conference, you should definitely consider joining us for this event.

Here is what we will be doing at this event:

The Deeper Connection Session: During this session, every person will be given a few moments to introduce themselves. These introductions will be done in a fun and interesting way that will certainly help you get to know each of the other folks in the group on a much deeper level.

The Next Level Resources Session
: During this session, Cliff and Ray will go back and forth, in rapid fire succession, as they share their most valuable tips, tools and other resources that have helped them to achieve what is most important to them. There is no doubt that you will walk away with many valuable resources to take your own platform to the next level.

The Most Valuable Investment Session: During this session, each member of the group will be given a few moments to share what they feel has been the most beneficial investment that they have made in taking their own platform to the next level. Hearing “what has worked” for others may be just the source of inspiration that you need to get a glimpse at new possibilities.

AMA with Cliff & Ray Session: During this “Ask Me Anything” session, you will have the opportunity to ask Cliff or Ray ANYTHING you want. Both Cliff and Ray are very willing to share anything and everything from their own experiences that may be of help to you. So just think about it. If you could ask anything of Cliff or Ray, what would it be? Next, write that question down and bring it to this session.

Tip Of the Week

I absolutely love the Field Guides at MacSparky, which is the blog of David Sparks. Currently I'm reading his guide on Presentations, as I'm preparing for my presentation at the Platform Conference. His Field Guides are thorough, media-rich, and darn near flawless.

I also recommend the podcast he does with Katie Floyd, which is called Mac Power Users.

Bonus Tip: Dan Franks and Jared Easley are doing the Business Podcaster Summit in January. This is a great, no-travel-required event you should consider putting on your calendar.

Spiritual Foundations

Instead of looking for something to do in God’s word, look for something to believe. Here are 5 things to believe that will change your life. Speak them and hear them.

1. My prayers are powerful and effective. (James [5:16])
2. I hear God's voice. (John [10:27])
3. Today is the best day yet. (2 Corinthians [3:18], Isaiah 9:6)
4. Everywhere I go people encounter Jesus. (2 Corinthians [2:14])
5. God is madly in love with me. (Psalm [33:18], John [3:16]-17)

Thanks to Levi Hug from Bethel Church in Redding, California for these points.

Feature Presentation: How to Live with Joy, Lead with Passion, and Prosper with Purpose

So how does one actually do what I propose in my tagline? How you do “live with joy, lead with passion, and prosper with purpose?” While I could write a book about this (and I am in fact doing just that), I want to share a shorter answer. This answer is simple, but high-leverage. It's really just 3 steps:

1. Decide
2. Connect
3. Pursue

Decide to live with joy.

•Happiness is a decision first. Be careful little brain, what you think.
•Emotion follows motion. The bet cure for depression is usually a good run.
•Protect the asset. Get proper food, exercise, and rest.

Connect your deepest passion to what you do every day.

•What do you do when you are free to do what you want?
•What did you dream about as a child?
•What do you do that makes you forget the clock?

Pursue your life's purpose.

•Know why you are here on earth.
•Let purpose drive your life.
•Make sure you stay “on purpose”.

Next Week: Set Yourself Up For a Lean, Mean, 2015.

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Question: How do you manage to live with joy, lead with passion, and prosper with purpose?


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