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#091: 10 Ways to Create More Content [Podcast]


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

When your blog is the cornerstone of your business (as it is for mine, and I recommend it be for yours), creating enough content can be a challenge.

In today's episode, I will share 10 different ways you can create more content, more consistently, and more easily. Also on today's episode…

•How to get my newly updated copywriting course for free.
•How to become an apprentice and work directly for me.
•An exciting new guide on how to form your own mastermind group.
•Answer the question: why are Christians so cheap?
•And the always award-winning, much much more.



•I am updating my copywriting course… win free access with your comments between now and Christmas.
•Want to finally finish your book, and get it published by New York publisher? Want to get that accomplished before the end of January? Click here and fill out this application. We'll talk.
•Next week's show will be about what worked great for me in 2013, and what didn't work so well… and how you can directly benefit from some of my embarrassing admissions.
•The return of listener questions! How to promote yourself on my show!

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Tip Of the Week

One of the most powerful things you can do to accelerate your success in 2014 is to form an intentional mastermind group.

Click here and take a look at Dan Miller's new course on how to do just that. It's worth 10 times the investment he's asking.

Spiritual Foundations

Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.” Proverbs [11:24]

In a recent discussion, a couple of my friends brought up the fact that selling things to the Christian market is not a good idea. Christians, they said, are cheap. One brought up a statistic they heard from a retail bookstore owner, who said the number one category of books that are stolen our Christian books. Three questions:

1. Is this true?
2. If it's not true, why is it so widely believed?
3. Either way, what should we do about it?

In the podcast, I give my answers to these questions.

Feature Segment: 10 Ways to Create More Content

The cornerstone of your online business is the creation of great content. But that creation is not always easy, especially if you have a goal of producing a lot of content consistently.

Here are 10 ways to produce more content, more consistently, and more easily. Especially when your ideas are running dry.

1. See a movie. This can result in posts like “The Hobbit's Guide to Online Marketing” or even “What Ironman Can Teach You about List Building”.
2. Tell a personal story. Make a list of the most exciting, shocking, or embarrassing stories that have happened to you. This list should give you the starting point for many a blog post.
3. Be the interviewer. Pick the people you would most like to learn from, and set up interviews with them.
4. Write a review. You can review a book, a training program, a seminar, software… Anything applicable to your audience. The more detail, the better.
5. Publish a how to. We love tutorials, especially the granular, step-by-step kind.
6. Ask your audience. Just ask what they would most like to hear from you about. Other great ways to phrase the question include: what's your biggest problem? What's holding you back? What your number one question?
7. Curate some content. Simply collect and share links of your 10 favorite blog posts on subject X. Variations: “The 10 Best Posts On…”, “Four Distinctly Different Views About…”, “Seven Approaches To…”
8. Case studies. They can be your clients, or they can be other companies. Talk about what they're doing right, why you think it's right, and summarize some takeaways.
9. Opposite day. Make a list of your most popular posts, and ask yourself, “what if I took the opposite view on this?”
10. Guest posts. Solicit for guest posts on your blog. Just make sure what they write will be interesting to your audience. But if they come from your audience, they most assuredly will be.

What To Do Now

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Question: Which of these ideas can you put into practice and use today?


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