REI Certified Copywriter
Code Of Conduct

Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriters agree to adhere to the following code of conduct when conducting business and providing copywriting services. The lists of commitments are a promise made by REI Certified Copywriters to themselves, Ray Edwards and the clients they serve.

As an REI Certified Copywriter, I promise to always demonstrate the following core values to the best of my ability.

1. Professionalism: I am reliable, keep my word, and never compromise my values.

2. Transparency: I seek collaborative interactions without hidden agendas.

3. Integrity: I strive to always do the right thing by adhering to sound moral principles.

4. Ethics: I recognize the difference between right and wrong, and apply honesty and fairness to all relationships.

5. Respect: I value the contributions of everyone and treat others with dignity and courtesy.

6. Quality: I am committed to providing the best work product with results that surpass expectations.

7. Timeliness: I meet deadlines and provide consistent updates about my progress.

8. Confidentiality: I keep my word as a trusted resource that maintains confidence and privacy.

9. Sincerity: I convey genuine interest and straightforward honesty.

10. Responsibility: I am reliable and follow through on commitments.

11. Humility: I realize I don't have all the answers and do not act arrogantly.

12. Kindness: I seek opportunities for random acts of kindness and ways to make others look good.

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