Tom Tenaglia

Tom helps entrepreneurs with the “mental game of marketing” through advanced mind hacks that allow you to get over your fears, get motivated to take action, and to maintain your focus. He believes we each have a purpose for being here, and he wants to help you live your purpose. An example of this is how he’ll help a coach attract more clients so that the coach can focus on coaching, rather than client attraction. Tom believes we have 4 aspects to who we are:

  • ​Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Through releasing sticking blocks from the mental and emotional levels with his clients, what you do in the physical world has a greater chance of working.

Because of this, he focuses 75% of the work he provides his clients on the spiritual, mental, and emotional, with 25% on the physical world.

Tom has invested more than a decade in studying personal growth, marketing, and technology.

Now, he combines everything he knows to help entrepreneurs release sticking points, implement proven marketing techniques, and get tangible results in their businesses.

Tom is also working on technology solutions to help small business owners get more results from their marketing efforts.

He really enjoys marketing, social dynamics, and personal growth.

Tom writes copy for those in the personal growth space, whether you are a coach, consultant, trainer, relationship guru, or fitness enthusiast.

Because of his deep knowledge of technology, Tom will take on the occasional tech-related copy project as well.

Tom’s credentials that go into his work are:

Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriter
Write copy to authentically attract clients and build relationships based on integrity

Business Coach from the FLOW Coaching Institute
Think through critical items in your business in order to prevent failure and obtain success
Tom also uses this when writing for coaches

Certified Master Practitioner/Trainer of NLP and of Mental and Emotional Release®
Let go of sticking points at the mental and emotional level

Huna Level 4 Practitioner
Advanced techniques to let go of sticking points through a system of empowerment of the mind, body, and spirit, including energy work

Natal/Birth astrology to help with getting in touch with someone’s purpose for being here
If you know your purpose, manifesting business results becomes way easier

Reiki Master
Energy work

B.S. Information Systems with a Minor in Business
To build tech platforms to help small business owners, and to help entrepreneurs understand how to effectively use technology

Certified Fitness Trainer from the ISSA
Tom uses this credential when writing for physical fitness

Graduate of Eben Pagan’s Virtual CEO Program
Tom implemented one thing he learned from Eben right away and was able to successfully recover his $5,000 investment in Eben’s program

Owner of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula
Tom uses concepts from Jeff’s program in his marketing and to help people launch their own online businesses

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