Working with an experienced coach that has expertise in both product launch strategy and launch copywriting can mean the difference between going back to your day job, or proudly sharing your epic business success with family, friends and those important causes that mean so much to you.

If you are a copywriter, who writes or wants to write product launch copy and you are committed to getting fantastic results for yourself and your clients – but don’t have time to continually study the trends and nuances of PLF (Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula) strategy and launch copywriting, or maybe you just ‘get’ that it’s easier for you and better for your clients if you don’t try to go it alone…

…or, if you write your own launch copy and are a coach, course creator, speaker or subject matter expert that has a great idea, product or service and find the avatar work, sequences, funnels and copy that goes along with them to be a bit confusing.

Or, if you have already written launch copy and it’s either not performing as well as you think it should, you aren’t sure if you got it right, or you think you might have missed a step (or several) and your audience isn’t responding to your words the way you want them to…

…then look no further. The Doctor is in!

Lana is an expert and confessed PLF strategy geek. An experienced, knowledgeable coach, creative launch strategist, and copywriter who has helped dozens of people to up-level their business and create the kind of results most only dream about.

She stays current and in the thick of things by being an active member of both Jeff Walker’s PLF Launch Club and Ray Edward’s copywriting mastermind. A life long learner and student of several other pivotal giants in the online world, Lana believes that staying involved, continually honing her craft and remaining current is crucial, and one of the best ways she can be sure to help her clients achieve tremendous results in this ever-changing online marketing world.

If you want to have that 6 or 7 figure launch, finding someone that understands and has executed the formula time and time again…

… Someone, who like a trail boss or a mountain Sherpa, that can be your guide, helping you to correct or altogether avoid the wrong turns, navigate the switchbacks and lighten your load, so you move forward on your launch journey faster, easier and with far greater success than you ever could, trying to go it alone.

Lana’s unique blend of PLF and copywriting knowledge combined with her uncanny coaching talent and skills as a “Copy Doctor” will help you uplevel your launch game.


If you’re committed to doing what it takes to rock your next launch, find out more about Lana here. Ready to cut to the chase and get to work? Prepare to Llaaaunch!