Helena is a bilingual (English <> Spanish) marketing strategy expert whose copy and content can sell practically anything. From cheddar cheese to construction cranes... from the president of a tiny non-profit in Mexico to a U.S. presidential candidate... she has experience in a lot of different industries and a long history of writing copy and content about products, services, persons, and organizations, and selling or positioning them successfully to their intended audience.

Her secret? Copy that deeply resonates and creates a bond with the reader in a way that feels natural, timely, and relevant, as if it was meant to be.

It’s no wonder that renowned entrepreneur and bestselling author Seth Godin calls her a “maker of magic.” And Bob Bly, author of 100+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls ‘America’s top copywriter’ praised her by saying, "Brilliant. I have been teaching copywriting for 4 decades and I never thought of doing it this way. Kudos to you."

If you need copy that sounds uniquely yours, engages your audience, and aligns with your goals, give Helena a call.