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You Don’t Need to Make a Living


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

You don't need to make a living.

You do need to make a difference.

That's why we're here.

How can I say you don't need to make a living? Because you'll be taken care of.

If all you need is to survive, and you live in a developed country, you don't have to do a thing. Someone, in almost all cases, will take care of your basic survival needs.

So let's stipulate to this: you don't need to make a living.

Most people will still feel the need to “do their bit”, to get up each morning, and slog through a day of “grinding it out”, and “making a living”.

These are the average masses.

Many of the average masses are miserable.

They are too proud, or too responsible, or just too restless to do nothing and accept a government check.

And they are too conscious to enjoy being one of the average masses.

Conscious of what?

They were made for something more.

They were put here on this planet to make a difference. To create something new. Something never seen before. Something that grows out of their own unique being. Something that has a positive impact on other humans.

“They” is us.

You and me.

It turns out we are, after all, unique snowflakes (despite what Tyler Durden may think).

But here's the thing: we are self-constructing snowflakes. The instructions on how to assemble ourselves came baked into our DNA, combined with our family environment (good or bad), and our life experience.

God's gift to us was to conceal our unique impact-making treasure inside each of us; and our greatest joy, our challenge, our great adventure, is to search out that treasure, that blueprint, and build that snowflake.

We don't need to make a living, we need to make a difference.

And the time to start is now.


Ray Edwards

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